MCL - Constitution-IV

Article IV
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Article IV § 1 Section Legislative power.
Article IV § 2 Section Senators, number, term.
Article IV § 3 Section Representatives, number, term; contiguity of districts.
Article IV § 4 Section Annexation or merger with a city.
Article IV § 5 Section Island areas, contiguity.
Article IV § 6 Section Independent citizens redistricting commission for state legislative and congressional districts.
Article IV § 7 Section Legislators; qualifications, removal from district.
Article IV § 8 Section Ineligibility of government officers and employees.
Article IV § 9 Section Civil appointments, ineligibility of legislators.
Article IV § 10 Section Legislators and state officers, government contracts, conflict of interest; annual financial disclosure report.
Article IV § 11 Section Legislators privileged from civil arrest and civil process; limitation; questioning for speech in either house prohibited.
Article IV § 12 Section State officers compensation commission.
Article IV § 13 Section Legislature; time of convening, sine die adjournment, measures carried over.
Article IV § 14 Section Quorum; powers of less than quorum.
Article IV § 15 Section Legislative council.
Article IV § 16 Section Legislature; officers, rules of procedure, expulsion of members.
Article IV § 17 Section Committees; record of votes, public inspection, notice of hearings.
Article IV § 18 Section Journal of proceedings; record of votes, dissents.
Article IV § 19 Section Record of votes on elections and advice and consent.
Article IV § 20 Section Open meetings.
Article IV § 21 Section Adjournments, limitations.
Article IV § 22 Section Bills.
Article IV § 23 Section Style of laws.
Article IV § 24 Section Laws; object, title, amendments changing purpose.
Article IV § 25 Section Revision and amendment of laws; title references, publication of entire sections.
Article IV § 26 Section Bills; printing, possession, reading, vote on passage.
Article IV § 27 Section Laws, effective date.
Article IV § 28 Section Bills, subjects at special session.
Article IV § 29 Section Local or special acts.
Article IV § 30 Section Appropriations; local or private purposes.
Article IV § 31 Section General appropriation bills; priority, statement of estimated revenue.
Article IV § 32 Section Laws imposing taxes.
Article IV § 33 Section Bills passed; approval by governor or veto, reconsideration by legislature.
Article IV § 34 Section Bills, referendum.
Article IV § 35 Section Publication and distribution of laws and judicial decisions.
Article IV § 36 Section General revision of laws; compilation of laws.
Article IV § 37 Section Administrative rules, suspension by legislative committee.
Article IV § 38 Section Vacancies in office.
Article IV § 39 Section Continuity of government in emergencies.
Article IV § 40 Section Alcoholic beverages; age requirement; liquor control commission; excise tax; local option.
Article IV § 41 Section Lotteries.
Article IV § 42 Section Ports and port districts; incorporation, internal.
Article IV § 43 Section Bank and trust company laws.
Article IV § 44 Section Trial by jury in civil cases.
Article IV § 45 Section Indeterminate sentences.
Article IV § 46 Section Death penalty.
Article IV § 47 Section Chaplains in state institutions.
Article IV § 48 Section Disputes concerning public employees.
Article IV § 49 Section Hours and conditions of employment.
Article IV § 50 Section Atomic and new forms of energy.
Article IV § 51 Section Public health and general welfare.
Article IV § 52 Section Natural resources; conservation, pollution, impairment, destruction.
Article IV § 53 Section Auditor general; appointment, qualifications, term, removal, post audits.
Article IV § 54 Section Limitations on terms of office of state legislators.