MCL - Constitution-V

Article V
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Article V § 1 Section Executive power.
Article V § 2 Section Principal departments.
Article V § 3 Section Single heads of departments; appointment, term.
Article V § 4 Section Commissions or agencies for less than 2 years.
Article V § 5 Section Examining or licensing board members, qualifications.
Article V § 6 Section Advice and consent to appointments.
Article V § 7 Section Vacancies in office; filling, senatorial disapproval of appointees.
Article V § 8 Section Principal departments, supervision of governor; information from state officers.
Article V § 9 Section Principal departments, location.
Article V § 10 Section Removal or suspension of officers; grounds, report.
Article V § 11 Section Provisional appointments to fill vacancies due to suspension.
Article V § 12 Section Military powers.
Article V § 13 Section Elections to fill vacancies in legislature.
Article V § 14 Section Reprieves, commutations and pardons.
Article V § 15 Section Extra sessions of legislature.
Article V § 16 Section Legislature other than at seat of government.
Article V § 17 Section Messages and recommendations to legislature.
Article V § 18 Section Budget; general and deficiency appropriation bills.
Article V § 19 Section Disapproval of items in appropriation bills.
Article V § 20 Section Reductions in expenditures.
Article V § 21 Section State elective executive officers; term, election.
Article V § 22 Section Governor and lieutenant governor, qualifications.
Article V § 23 Section State elective executive officers, compensation.
Article V § 24 Section Executive residence.
Article V § 25 Section Lieutenant governor; president of senate, tie vote, duties.
Article V § 26 Section Succession to governorship.
Article V § 27 Section Salary of successor.
Article V § 28 Section State transportation commission; establishment; purpose; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; director of state transportation department.
Article V § 29 Section Civil rights commission; members, term, duties, appropriation.
Article V § 30 Section Limitations on terms of executive officers.