MCL - Section 750.543f

Act 328 of 1931

750.543f Terrorism; action; felony; penalty.

Sec. 543f.

    (1) A person is guilty of terrorism when that person knowingly and with premeditation commits an act of terrorism.
    (2) Terrorism is a felony punishable by imprisonment for life or any term of years or a fine of not more than $100,000.00, or both. However, except as provided in sections 25 and 25a of chapter IX of the code of criminal procedure, 1927 PA 175, MCL 769.25 and 769.25a, if death was caused by the terrorist act, the person shall be punished by imprisonment for life without eligibility for parole.

History: Add. 2002, Act 113, Eff. Apr. 22, 2002 ;-- Am. 2014, Act 23, Imd. Eff. Mar. 4, 2014