MCL - 328-1931-LXXXIII-A

Act 328 of 1931

Document Type Description
Section 750.543a Section Short title.
Section 750.543b Section Definitions.
Section 750.543c Section “Terrorist organization” defined.
Section 750.543f Section Terrorism; action; felony; penalty.
Section 750.543h Section Hindering prosecution of terrorism; conduct; felony; penalty.
Section 750.543k Section Providing material support for terrorist acts or soliciting material support for terrorism as felonies; penalty.
Section 750.543m Section Making terrorist threat or false report of terrorism; intent or capability as defense prohibited; violation as felony; penalty.
Section 750.543p Section Internet or telecommunications or electronic device; prohibited use; violation as felony; penalty; definitions.
Section 750.543r Section Obtaining or possessing certain information about vulnerable target; intent; felony; penalty; “vulnerable target” defined.
Section 750.543x Section Restitution; reimbursement.
Section 750.543y Section Other violations arising out of same criminal transaction.
Section 750.543z Section Constitutionally protected conduct; prosecution prohibited.