Act 300 of 1949
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Section 257.625 Section Operating motor vehicle while intoxicated; "operating while intoxicated" defined; operating motor vehicle when visibly impaired; penalties for causing death or serious impairment of a body function; operation of motor vehicle by person less than 21 years of age; "any bodily alcohol content" defined; requirements; controlled substance; costs; enhanced sentence; guilty plea or nolo contendere; establishment of prior conviction; special verdict; public record; burden of proving religious service or ceremony; ignition interlock device; definitions; prior conviction; violations arising out of same transaction.
Section 257.625a Section Arrest without warrant; circumstances; preliminary chemical breath analysis; provisions; operator ordered out-of-service; refusal of commercial motor vehicle operator to submit to chemical breath analysis as misdemeanor; penalty; provisions applicable to chemical tests and analysis; evidence; availability of test results; admissibility of refusal to submit to chemical test; definitions.
Section 257.625b Section Arraignment of person arrested for misdemeanor violation; pretrial conference; advising accused of maximum penalty before acceptance of plea; screening, assessment, and rehabilitative services; assessment for medication-assisted treatment; action by secretary of state pending appeal.
Section 257.625c Section Consent to chemical tests; persons not considered to have given consent to withdrawal of blood; administration of tests; definitions.
Section 257.625d Section Refusal to submit to chemical test; court order; report to secretary of state; form.
Section 257.625e Section Refusal to submit to chemical test pursuant to MCL 257.625d; request for hearing; notice.
Section 257.625f Section Effect of failure to request hearing; hearing procedure; notice; authority of hearing officer; scope of hearing; finding; record; licensing sanctions; judicial review; notice to motor vehicle administrator of another state.
Section 257.625g Section Duties of peace officer if person refuses chemical test or if test reveals unlawful alcohol content or presence of controlled substance or other intoxicating substance; test results; duration of temporary license or permit; definitions.
Section 257.625h Section Drunk driving prevention equipment and training fund; drunk driving caseflow assistance fund.
Section 257.625i Section Michigan annual drunk driving audit; preparation; contents; report; evaluation of 1998 legislation.
Section 257.625j Section Repealed. 1991, Act 98, Eff. Jan. 1, 1992.
Section 257.625k Section Ignition interlock device manufacturer; certification; approval; requirements; rules; cost; notice to department by certifying laboratory; list of manufacturers; BAIID manufacturer; approval of BAIID service center; inspections; prohibited conduct by individual; installation requirements; installer qualifications and requirements; approval; renewal.
Section 257.625l Section Ignition interlock device; warning label; prohibited conduct; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; impoundment of motor vehicle.
Section 257.625m Section Operation of commercial motor vehicle by person with certain alcohol content; arrest without warrant; violation as misdemeanor or felony; sentence; suspension of term prohibited; prior conviction.
Section 257.625n Section Forfeiture of vehicle or return to lessor.
Section 257.625o Section Ignition interlock device; sale, lease, or installation in vehicle; surety bond.
Section 257.625p Section Operation of commercial quadricycle by person with certain alcohol content; prohibition; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 257.625q Section Compliance with MCL 257.625k; investigation and determination by secretary of state; decertification of installer; notice to manufacturer; violation; penalty; suspension or revocation of manufacturer certification; removal from list of approved certified BAIIDs; summary suspension or revocation; hearing; rules.
Section 257.625r Section Authority of peace officer certified as drug recognition expert to require person to submit to preliminary oral fluid analysis; arrest; admissibility of results; refusal; ordering person out of service.
Section 257.625s Section Testimony of person qualified in administration of standardized field sobriety tests.
Section 257.625t Section Roadside drug testing pilot program.
Section 257.626 Section Reckless driving on highway, frozen public lake, or parking place; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 257.626a Section Drag races; prohibition on public highways; definition; prima facie evidence; applicability within Silver Lake State Park; "drag race" defined.
Section 257.626b Section Careless or negligent operation of vehicle as civil infraction.
Section 257.626c Section Repealed. 2008, Act 463, Eff. Oct. 31, 2010.