Act 300 of 1949
Document Type Description
Section 257.617 Section Accident resulting in serious impairment of body function or death; stopping required; reporting to police agency or officer; violation as felony; penalty.
Section 257.617a Section Accident; personal injury; reporting to police agency or officer; stopping required; penalty; suspension of license.
Section 257.618 Section Accidents; damage to vehicles; stopping required; reporting to police agency or officer; penalty.
Section 257.618a Section Vehicle accident; removal from main traveled portion of roadway or streetcar track; conditions; violation of subsection (1) as civil infraction; removal by law enforcement agency, public agency, or department; liability; "gross negligence" defined; reimbursement.
Section 257.619 Section Accidents; duties of driver.
Section 257.620 Section Accidents; attended or unattended vehicle; stopping; report.
Section 257.621 Section Accidents; fixtures on or adjacent to highway; notification of owner; exhibition of driver's license; reports.
Section 257.622 Section Report of accidents resulting in death, personal injury, or property damage; forms; analysis; use; retention.
Section 257.622a Section Ignition interlock device; installation included in crash report.
Section 257.623 Section Accidents; reports by garagekeepers or repairmen.
Section 257.624 Section Report not available for use in court action; purpose of report; authorization and purpose of scientific studies and research; use of data; disclosures; liability; penalty.
Section 257.624a Section Transportation or possession of alcoholic liquor in open or uncapped container open or upon which seal broken; violation as misdemeanor; exception; subsections (1) and (2) inapplicable to passenger in commercial quadricycle; definitions.
Section 257.624b Section Transport or possession of alcoholic liquor by person less than 21 years of age.