Act 300 of 1949
Document Type Description
Section 257.252 Section Reports of stolen and recovered vehicles.
Section 257.252a Section Abandoned vehicle; presumption of responsibility; violation; penalty; "abandoned vehicle" defined; notice; duties of police agency; contest by owner; hearing; request; fee; towing and storage charges; secured party; obtaining release of vehicle; inspection; public sale; inability to determine ownership of abandoned vehicle; entry into law enforcement information network.
Section 257.252b Section Registered and unregistered abandoned scrap vehicles; duties of police agency; release of vehicle; certificate of title or certificate of scrapping; release form; retention of records and photographs; taking registered abandoned scrap vehicle into custody; contest by registered owner; hearing; request; obtaining release of vehicle; fee.
Section 257.252c Section Repealed. 2005, Act 142, Eff. Oct. 1, 2005.
Section 257.252d Section Removal of vehicle from public or private property to place of safekeeping; circumstances; arrival of owner or legally entitled person; duties of police agency; release of vehicle; entry of vehicle as abandoned.
Section 257.252e Section Jurisdiction to determine propriety of police, towing agency or custodian, or private owner action; venue in district court; use of bond to pay towing or storage fees; exclusive remedies.
Section 257.252f Section Filing petition; duties of court; hearing; notice; burden; decision; district court magistrate; appeal.
Section 257.252g Section Manner of conducting public sale; application of money received; priority; absence of bidders; acquisition of distressed vehicle; application for salvage certificate of title; canceling entry in law enforcement information network; obtaining original bill of sale.
Section 257.252h Section Abandoned vehicle fund; creation; sources of funding; investment; interest and earnings; money remaining in fund; expenditures.
Section 257.252i Section Towing and storage fees.
Section 257.252j Section Abandoned vehicles; number and placement of vehicles on private property.
Section 257.252k Section Towing or removing vehicle without owner's consent; notice; requirements.
Section 257.252l Section Applicability of MCL 257.252k.
Section 257.252m Section Notification of civil fines and sanctions.
Section 257.253 Section Report of stolen vehicle; filing; transferring certificate of title; record of stolen or abandoned vehicles not reported or recovered; availability; reports by other states of stolen and recovered vehicles; abandoned vehicle; notification of owner and lienholder.
Section 257.254 Section False statement in application for certificate of title or in assignment of title; possession of stolen vehicle; penalties.