MCL - 300-1949-II

Act 300 of 1949
Chapter II
Document Type Description
Section 257.201 Section Reference to “division”.
Section 257.202 Section Secretary of state as exclusive state agent.
Section 257.203 Section Appointment of employees.
Section 257.203a Section Meaning of “commissioner” in MCL 257.301 to 257.327; effect of MCL 257.201 to 257.203a.
Section 257.204 Section Administration and enforcement of act; establishment of highway patrol prohibited; rules; official seal.
Section 257.204a Section Central file of individual driving records; certified copies as evidence; electronic certification; use of computer-generated certified information; persons who may receive information contained in records maintained by secretary of state.
Section 257.204b Section Conviction of attempted violation; effect.
Section 257.205 Section Secretary of state; office and branch offices; establishment; employees; bond; liability for loss of money; person appointed to conduct branch office; compensation and expenses.
Section 257.205a Section Plan to fully reopen secretary of state branches; written report.
Section 257.206 Section Forms.
Section 257.207 Section Administering oaths and acknowledging signatures without fee; certified copy of record; fee; evidence; electronic certification; use of computer-generated certified information.
Section 257.207a Section Electronic driver license status check; request by approved agency; maintenance of written permission by organization; compliance with safeguards; fee.
Section 257.208 Section Destruction of certain records; maintaining of records involving operation of commercial motor vehicles.
Section 257.208a Section Availability of records to the public.
Section 257.208b Section Commercial look-up service; records and information maintained by driver education provider or limousine carrier of passengers; disposition of fees; providing file to nongovernmental person or entity; failure to provide information; fines; definitions.
Section 257.208c Section Disclosure of personal information; uses.
Section 257.208d Section Resale or redisclosure of personal information; duties of recipient.
Section 257.209 Section Application for registration; certificate of title; operator's or other license, investigation.
Section 257.210 Section Title, registration certificate, permit, license or plate; seizure; possession and custody of plate; security interest.
Section 257.211 Section Synopsis, summary, or compilation of laws relating to vehicles; selling price of compilation; disposition and use of money collected.
Section 257.212 Section Notice; methods.
Section 257.213 Section Officers and investigators; powers.
Section 257.214 Section Badge of authority.
Section 257.215 Section Vehicle unregistered or without certificate of title; operation; misdemeanor, exception.
Section 257.216 Section Vehicles subject to registration and certificate of title provisions; pandemic expiration extension.
Section 257.217 Section Application for registration and certificate of title; out-of-state vehicle; form; fee; signature of owner; contents; leased pickup truck or vehicle; duties of dealer and person selling or leasing certain vehicles; off lease or buy back vehicle; temporary registration; service fee; imprint on back side of check or bank draft; liability for damages; perfection of security interest; exception for 2021.
Section 257.217a Section Registration plate inscribed with official amateur radio call letters; application; proof; fees; issuance of plate for vehicle bearing registration issued pursuant to MCL 257.801(1)(a) or (p); use on other vehicle as misdemeanor; surrender of registration plate; submission of application; expiration date.
Section 257.217b Section Moped; manufacturer's identification number.
Section 257.217c Section Acquisition of salvage, distressed, or older model vehicles; issuance of salvage or scrap certificates of title; salvage vehicle inspections; sale of vehicles; notice of designation as salvage vehicle; removal of scrap vehicle from state; determination of repair and labor costs; vehicle inspection fee; audit; "actual cash value" defined.
Section 257.217d Section Special Congressional Medal of Honor registration plate.
Section 257.217e Section Certificate of title for school bus; condition to issuance.
Section 257.217f Section Sale, assignment, or other disposition of vehicle for which salvage certificate of title required.
Section 257.217g Section Pickup camper; manufacturer's identification number.
Section 257.217h Section Liability of motor vehicle manufacturer.
Section 257.217i Section Issuance of vehicle identification number and certificate of title for assembled vehicles; requirements; safety study; "assembled vehicle" defined.
Section 257.217m, 257.217n Section Repealed. 2006, Act 562, Eff. Jan. 1, 2007.
Section 257.217o Section Repealed. 2012, Act 55, Eff. June 30, 2012.
Section 257.218 Section Specially constructed, reconstructed, or foreign vehicle; application for registration; fees.
Section 257.219 Section Refusal of registration, transfer of registration, certificate of title, or salvage certificate of title; grounds; temporary registration plate.
Section 257.220 Section Application for original registration or certificate of title; examination of indexes and stolen car records.
Section 257.221 Section Application for registration; creation and maintenance of computerized central file; records; preservation; availability; communication impediment designation; requirements; definition.
Section 257.222 Section Registration certificate; issuance; electronic title; flood, rebuilt, salvage, or scrap certificate of title issued by another state or jurisdiction; delivery; manufacture; contents; coat of arms of state; conduct constituting misdemeanor; penalties; certificate of title for certain vehicles to be different in color; contents of legend.
Section 257.223 Section Registration certificate; carrying; electronic accessibility; display; viewing on electronic device; digital photograph; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.224 Section Registration plate; digital registration plate; issuance; design; display; limitation on renewal; replacement.
Section 257.225 Section Registration plate; attachment to vehicle; legibility; color; distinctive registration plates; name plate, insignia, or advertising device; limitation; historic military vehicle; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.226 Section Expiration of vehicle or motorcycle registration; duties of secretary of state; issuance of registration; tax; validity of certificate of title; special registration; certification; registration of commercial vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer; assignment or reassignment of expiration date under international registration plan; leased vehicle multiyear registration; pandemic expiration extension.
Section 257.226a Section Temporary registration plates or markers.
Section 257.226b Section Temporary registration; duration; form; fee; use of vehicle.
Section 257.226c Section Reflectorized reflector plates, tabs, and stickers.
Section 257.227 Section Application for renewal of vehicle registration; fee; presentation of certificate of title; waiver; proof of vehicle insurance; transmission of vehicle policy information; disclosure.
Section 257.227a Section Vehicle involved in violation; renewal, replacement, or transfer of registration plate; appearance of owner or representative at branch office required; cancellation of registration; circumstances; notice and opportunity to be heard.
Section 257.227b Section Repealed. 2011, Act 92, Eff. Dec. 30, 2011.
Section 257.228 Section Notification of old and new addresses; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.229 Section Duplicate registration certificate, registration plate, certificate of title, or duplicate certificate of title.
Section 257.230 Section Special identifying number after alteration or defacement of serial number; record.
Section 257.230a Section Motorcycle without visible vehicle identification number; seizure; procedure; “person” defined.
Section 257.231 Section Registration of replacement engines.
Section 257.232 Section Furnishing list of information to federal, state, or local governmental agency; contract for sale of lists of driver and motor vehicle records; records maintained in bulk; surveys, marketing, or solicitations; insertion of safeguard in agreement or contract; duties of recipient of personal information; disclosure of list based on driving behavior or sanctions.
Section 257.232a Section Furnishing name and address of lessee of vehicle to secretary of state or police officer.
300-1949-II-SPECIAL-ANTI-THEFT-LAWS Division SPECIAL ANTI-THEFT LAWS (257.252...257.254)