MCL - 162-1982-1

Act 162 of 1982
Chapter 1

Document Type Description
Section 450.2101 Section Short title.
Section 450.2103 Section Construction and application of act.
Section 450.2104 Section Definitions generally.
Section 450.2105 Section Definitions; A, B.
Section 450.2106 Section Definitions; C to E.
Section 450.2107 Section Definitions; F.
Section 450.2108 Section Definitions; M to P.
Section 450.2109 Section Definitions; S.
Section 450.2110 Section Definitions; V.
Section 450.2121 Section Corporations to which act applicable; corporation formed under predecessor act.
Section 450.2122 Section Statutory reference to repealed act as reference to this act; statutes inapplicable to domestic corporation; uniform voidable transactions act inapplicable to distributions.
Section 450.2123 Section Applicability to corporation formed under other act not repealed by this act; organizations to which act inapplicable.
Section 450.2124 Section Requirements of other acts not modified; compliance; inconsistency between acts.
Section 450.2125 Section Applicability to commerce with foreign nations and among several states, and to corporations formed by act of congress.
Section 450.2127 Section Effect of act on existing corporation, cause of action, liability, penalty, action, or special proceeding.
Section 450.2129 Section Supplementation, alteration, amendment, or repeal of act by legislature.
Section 450.2131 Section Submission of documents; delivery; endorsement; indexing; returning copy or original; public inspection; maintenance of records and files; reproductions; effective date of document; fees.
Section 450.2132 Section English language; signatures; contents of documents.
Section 450.2133 Section Correction of document; certificate; effective date of corrected document.
Section 450.2141 Section Taking action without notice and without lapse of prescribed period of time; waiver.
Section 450.2142 Section Dispensing with notice or communication to person with whom communication unlawful; affidavit, certificate, or other instrument.
Section 450.2143 Section Giving notice or communication by mail; electronic transmission as written notice; delivery of notice or documents to common address; delivery of notice to resident agent; "address" defined.
Section 450.2151 Section Failure of administrator to file document promptly; notice of failure to file; posting notice on website or sending by mail or electronic mail address; refusal or revocation of authorization of foreign corporation to conduct affairs in state; judicial review.