MCL - 162-1982-2

Act 162 of 1982
Chapter 2

Document Type Description
Section 450.2201 Section Incorporators; signing and filing articles of incorporation.
Section 450.2202 Section Articles of incorporation; contents.
Section 450.2204 Section Articles of incorporation; provision pertaining to proposed compromise or arrangement or reorganization between corporation and creditors or shareholders.
Section 450.2205 Section Articles of incorporation; including provision of MCL 450.2204; effect on creditors, shareholders, or members of corporation; administration and enforcement of provision by circuit court; restraining actions and proceedings against corporation; appointment and powers of temporary receiver.
Section 450.2209 Section Articles of incorporation; additional provisions; liability of director or volunteer officer.
Section 450.2212 Section Corporate name.
Section 450.2213 Section Assuming name that implies corporation is banking corporation, insurance or surety company, or trust company prohibited.
Section 450.2215 Section Reservation of right to use corporate name; application; duration; expiration; transfer of right to exclusive use of reserved corporate name.
Section 450.2217 Section Conduct of affairs under assumed name or names other than corporate name; certificate of assumed name; duration; extensions; notification of impending expiration; enterprises participating together in partnership or joint venture; transfer or use of assumed name in merger or conversion.
Section 450.2221 Section Corporate existence to begin on effective date of articles of incorporation; filing as conclusive evidence that conditions precedent fulfilled and corporation formed; exception.
Section 450.2223 Section Selection of board and adoption of bylaws; first meeting; notice; quorum; transaction of business.
Section 450.2231 Section Bylaws; adoption; amendment or repeal; contents.
Section 450.2241 Section Registered office; resident agent.
Section 450.2242 Section Change of registered office or resident agent; statement.
Section 450.2243 Section Resident agent; resignation; notice; appointment of successor; termination of appointment of resigning resident agent; registered office of corporation.
Section 450.2246 Section Resident agent; service of process, notice, or demand; resident agent as agent of director or officer in certain action; forwarding process to director or officer; electronic transmission of notice.
Section 450.2251 Section Corporate purposes; conduct of lawful activities during war or national emergency.
Section 450.2261 Section Corporate powers; inconsistency between certain acts; corporate existence in perpetuity; fixed limitation or term; waiver of right to perpetual existence; nonprofit power corporation; public school academy; providing services in learned profession; personal liability and accountability for negligent or wrongful acts or misconduct; indemnification.
Section 450.2262 Section Existing incorporated association or society operating as corporation subject to act; payment of death or sick benefits; reserves; rules; investment of funds securing reserves; statement required of evidence of obligation to pay death and sick benefits.
Section 450.2271 Section Act of corporation and transfer of property to or by corporation not invalid where corporation without capacity or power; assertion of lack of capacity or power.
Section 450.2275 Section Agreement to pay rate of interest in excess of legal rate; defense of usury prohibited.