MCL - R-S-1846-554-131-66-GENERAL-PROVISIONS.

Revised Statutes of 1846 (EXCERPT)
R.S. of 1846
Document Type Description
Section 554.131 Section Rent; liability of person in possession of land.
Section 554.132 Section Rent; assumpsit for recovery.
Section 554.133 Section Rent; other remedies for recovery.
Section 554.134 Section Termination of estate at will or by sufferance or tenancy from year to year.
Section 554.135 Section Aliens; realty; right to acquire, hold or convey, descent.
Section 554.136 Section Aliens; effect of prior deals in realty on title.
Section 554.137 Section Remainderman or reversioner; right to sue for injury.
Section 554.138 Section Joint tenant or tenant in common; action against cotenant.
Section 554.139 Section Lease or license of residential premises; covenants; modifications; liberal construction, inspection.