MCL - Act 85 of 2016


Act 85 of 2016

AN ACT to allow for designation of a caregiver; to prescribe the duties of a designated caregiver; to enable a hospital to assist in designating a caregiver; and to prescribe the duties of state departments and agencies.

History: 2016, Act 85, Eff. July 12, 2016

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 333.26281 Section Short title.
Section 333.26283 Section Definitions.
Section 333.26285 Section Designation of lay caregiver.
Section 333.26287 Section Notification of patient's discharge or transfer.
Section 333.26289 Section Consultation before discharge; issuance of discharge plan; live or recorded aftercare demonstration; documentation in medical record.
Section 333.26291 Section Agent operating under advance directive.
Section 333.26293 Section Entities in contractual relationship; liability; entities issuing health benefits plans; reimbursement obligations of insurance companies.
Section 333.26295 Section Discharge or transfer to another facility; delay.