MCL - Act 460 of 2014


Act 460 of 2014

AN ACT to adopt the uniform child abduction prevention act; to allow courts in this state to impose measures to prevent the abduction of children; to establish standards for determining whether a child is subject to a significant risk of abduction; and to provide remedies.

History: 2014, Act 460, Imd. Eff. Jan. 12, 2015

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 722.1521 Section Short title.
Section 722.1522 Section Definitions.
Section 722.1523 Section Applicability of MCL 722.1110 to 722.1112.
Section 722.1524 Section Abduction prevention measures in child-custody proceeding; court order; petition; warrant to take physical custody of child.
Section 722.1525 Section Petition; court jurisdiction; emergency jurisdiction.
Section 722.1526 Section Petition; verification; specification of risk factors; contents.
Section 722.1527 Section Credible risk of child abduction; evidence; hearing; finding that conduct intended to avoid domestic violence or harm.
Section 722.1528 Section Filing of petition; court order; review of evidence; finding of credible risk of child abduction; entering abduction prevention order; provisions; contents; conditions; preventing imminent abduction; remedies.
Section 722.1529 Section Finding of credible risk of imminent wrongful removal of child; ex parte warrant to take physical custody; opportunity for hearing; contents of ex parte warrant; search of databases to determine history of domestic violence, stalking, or child abuse or neglect; service of petition and warrant; enforcement; finding of bad faith; relief under other law of state.
Section 722.1530 Section Abduction prevention order; duration.
Section 722.1531 Section Application and construction of uniform act.
Section 722.1532 Section Electronic signature or delivery.