MCL - Act 384 of 2006


Act 384 of 2006

AN ACT to provide for the certification of driver education providers; to prescribe certain record-keeping and program requirements for driver education providers; to provide for the certification of driver education instructors; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain persons and departments; to prescribe certain fees; to establish a fund in the state treasury; to prescribe remedies, sanctions, and penalties; and to rescind administrative rules.

History: 2006, Act 384, Eff. Oct. 1, 2006

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 256.621 Section Short title.
Section 256.623 Section Definitions; A to D.
Section 256.625 Section Definitions; D to M.
Section 256.627 Section Definitions; P to T.
Section 256.629 Section Driver education provider certificate; application; classifications; investigation; eligibility requirements; evidence; bond or renewal certificate; stipulation of agreement to service of process; applicability of subsection (3); classroom facility; liability insurance; multiple driving facility; orientation and education program; fees.
Section 256.631 Section Renewal application; criminal history check; effect of expired certificate; review and approval or denial of multiple vehicle driving facility; fees.
Section 256.633 Section Original or renewal driver education provider certificate; issuance; identifying number; classification; validity; duration; transfer or assignment prohibited.
Section 256.635 Section Change in owner, partner, officer, director, or designated representative or coordinator; change in address; notification; duties of person who stops operating as driver education provider; noncompliance as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 256.637 Section Driver education instructor certificate; classification; investigation; evidence; stipulation of agreement to service of process; photograph of applicant; expiration; misdemeanor; penalty; completion of orientation and education program; preparation courses; behind-the-wheel commercial vehicle driver instructor certificate; theory commercial vehicle driver instructor certificate.
Section 256.639 Section Original or renewal driver education instructor certificate; issuance; requirements; display of driver education certificate card.
Section 256.641 Section Renewal of driver education instructor certificate; application; format; effect of expired certificate; criminal history check; validity and duration of certificate; fee.
Section 256.643 Section Driver education instructor preparation program.
Section 256.645 Section Conditional driver education instructor certificate; issuance; requirements.
Section 256.647 Section Professional development requirements; establishment; publication; provisions.
Section 256.649 Section Criminal history record information check.
Section 256.651 Section Use of motor vehicle; requirements.
Section 256.653 Section Teen driver training; duties of driver education provider.
Section 256.655 Section Teen driver training; model curriculum.
Section 256.657 Section Driver education course; segment 1 curriculum; teen driver training; definitions; section known and cited as "Nathan Bower act."
Section 256.659 Section Segment 2 curriculum course.
Section 256.661 Section Classroom instruction; number of students; limitation.
Section 256.663 Section Driver education course certificate of completion; issuance to student.
Section 256.665 Section Course schedule report, course completion report; requirements.
Section 256.667 Section Written agreement between provider and student; terms.
Section 256.669 Section Coordinated segment 1 driver education course; approval of secretary of state; written agreement between provider and student; terms.
Section 256.671 Section Reports; maintenance; format; manner; availability; failure to comply; duration.
Section 256.673 Section Verification of instructor's certificate status.
Section 256.675 Section Instruction to adult or commercial vehicle driver training student; verification of valid temporary instruction permit or out-of-state commercial learner's permit.
Section 256.677 Section Conviction of violation; notification to secretary of state.
Section 256.679 Section Conviction information; establishment of automated fingerprint identification system database; automatic denial or revocation of application or certificate.
Section 256.681 Section Automatic denial or revocation of application or certificate; duration.
Section 256.683 Section Denial, suspension, revocation, or cancellation of driver license; suspension or revocation of driver education instructor's certificate; reinstatement.
Section 256.685 Section Investigation; complaint; mediation; conditions for probation and cancellation.
Section 256.687 Section Deceptive or unconscionable methods, acts, or practices.
Section 256.689 Section Sanctions.
Section 256.691 Section Cease and desist order; temporary cease and desist order.
Section 256.695 Section Summary suspension; hearing; resolution.
Section 256.697 Section Expiration or absence of certificate; proceeding with investigation, disciplinary proceeding, or other action.
Section 256.699 Section Certificate required; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; administrative fine.
Section 256.701 Section Reimbursement; disposition.
Section 256.703 Section Driver education provider and instructor fund; creation; expenditures; investment; accounting; administration of act.
Section 256.704 Section Deposit of revenue balance into traffic law enforcement and safety fund.
Section 256.705 Section Rules.