MCL - Act 317 of 1947

***** Act 317 of 1947 THIS ACT WAS REPEALED BY ACT 39 OF 1948 (1ST EX. SESS.) EFFECTIVE MAY 10, 1948, SUBJECT TO SAVINGS PROVISIONS IN ยง 557.252 ET SEQ. *****


Act 317 of 1947

AN ACT to provide for the creation of a community estate between husband and wife in real and personal property as defined herein; to prescribe the effect of such community estate; to define and prescribe certain rights and liabilities of parties affected hereby; to eliminate curtesy and dower in such community estate; to preserve the right of dower in the separate property of the husband, and to repeal all acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith.

History: 1947, Act 317, Imd. Eff. July 1, 1947
Compiler's Notes: This act was repealed by MCL 557.251, subject to the saving provisions contained in MCL 557.252 et seq.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 557.201 Section Separate property of husband; control, disposition, dower of wife.
Section 557.202 Section Separate property of wife; control, disposition.
Section 557.203 Section Property owned jointly or by entirety by husband and wife; control, inapplicability of act.
Section 557.204 Section Community property; interest of husband and wife.
Section 557.205 Section Presumption that property is community property; exceptions, rebuttal.
Section 557.206 Section Community property; right of wife or husband to receive and control earnings for personal services; limitations; effect of breach; rights of third persons.
Section 557.207 Section Community property; representation in actions against; enforcement of judgment or decree; exceptions.
Section 557.208 Section Community property; conveyances or transfer between husband and wife; equity of creditors.
Section 557.209 Section Community property; control or disposition; liability of separate property for debts benefiting community interest; satisfaction of debts; personal services.
Section 557.210 Section Exemptions; homestead, encumbrance or disposition.
Section 557.211 Section Incapacity of husband or wife; substitution of other spouse; petition; hearing; decree; recording copy; jurisdiction of probate code.
Section 557.212 Section Community property; rights of husband or wife on divorce or separation.
Section 557.213 Section Community property; disposition upon death of either husband or wife; administration of estate; procedure.
Section 557.214 Section Community property; curtesy or dower; dower of wife in separate property of husband.
Section 557.215 Section Applicability of act.
Section 557.216 Section Life insurance proceeds; payment by insurer; discharge; effect of notice by person claiming interest in policy or payment.
Section 557.217 Section Effect of act.
Section 557.218 Section Michigan community property act; short title.
Section 557.219 Section Effective date of act.
Section 557.220 Section Repeal.