MCL - Act 216 of 1985


Act 216 of 1985

AN ACT to facilitate the interstate enforcement of support obligations through income withholding; to prescribe certain powers and duties of the circuit court and of certain agencies and persons; and to provide for remedies and penalties.

History: 1985, Act 216, Eff. Mar. 1, 1986

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 552.671 Section Short title.
Section 552.672 Section Purpose of act.
Section 552.673 Section Definitions.
Section 552.674 Section Remedy cumulative; delay or denial of relief prohibited.
Section 552.675 Section Requesting agency of another jurisdiction to enter order for purpose of obtaining income withholding; documentation; copy of subsequent modifications of support order; contesting income withholding; notice; monitoring payments.
Section 552.676 Section Office of child support to forward documentation to office of friend of court; filing documents with clerk of court; acceptance of documents as entry of support order; documentation required for entry of support order of another jurisdiction; remedying defect in documentation; notice of necessary additions or corrections; effect of meeting substantive requirement; enforcement of support order; jurisdiction limited to income withholding.
Section 552.676a Section Filing fee or other costs not required.
Section 552.677 Section Notice of proposed income withholding; contents; request for hearing; notice of hearing.
Section 552.678 Section Prima facie proof; defenses of obligor; burden; duties of court.
Section 552.679 Section Order of income withholding; manner of taking effect; notice.
Section 552.680 Section Payments made and received pursuant to order of income withholding; validity of support order; more than 1 support order in effect for support of 1 person by same obligor.
Section 552.680a Section Transition to centralized receipt and disbursement of support and fees.
Section 552.681 Section Obligor obtaining employment or having new or additional source of income in another state; duty of office of friend of court.
Section 552.682 Section Voluntary income withholding.
Section 552.683 Section Applicable law.
Section 552.684 Section Effective date.
Section 552.685 Section Conditional effective date.