MCL - Act 187 of 1990


Act 187 of 1990

AN ACT to regulate the equipment, maintenance, operation, and use of school buses; to prescribe the qualifications of school bus drivers; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain state and local governmental agencies; to create an advisory committee and to prescribe its powers and duties; and to prescribe remedies and penalties.

History: 1990, Act 187, Eff. Aug. 15, 1990 ;-- Am. 2006, Act 107, Eff. Aug. 15, 2006

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 257.1801 Section Short title.
Section 257.1803 Section Meanings of words and phrases.
Section 257.1805 Section Definitions; M to S.
Section 257.1807 Section Definitions; S, T.
Section 257.1809 Section Pupil transportation; regulation; routes; vehicles and equipment; rules.
Section 257.1810 Section Transportation of pupils; federal motor vehicle safety standards; restrictions.
Section 257.1810a Section Contract with motor carrier; authorization.
Section 257.1811 Section Applicability of MCL 257.1811 to 257.1821; body width and height of type I and type II school buses; attachment of bus to chassis; use of spacers; bus floor; doors; steps; emergency exit; insulation; book racks prohibited; electrical system; secured items.
Section 257.1812 Section School bus; flashing advisory sign; placement of electronic sign; requirements; section to be known as "Privacky Law."
Section 257.1813 Section Air brake system.
Section 257.1815 Section Exterior lamps and signals on bus.
Section 257.1817 Section Signal lights; stoplights; flasher lamps; applicability to school buses manufactured before October 1, 1990; conformance with federal regulations.
Section 257.1819 Section Red and amber signal lights; applicability to new school buses.
Section 257.1820 Section Stop-arm camera system.
Section 257.1821 Section Windshield wipers and washers, washer reservoir, and windshield.
Section 257.1823 Section Vision; mirrors; sun shades; applicability.
Section 257.1825 Section Fire extinguisher; first aid kit; fusees and reflectors.
Section 257.1827 Section Safety glass; push-out window sash; definition.
Section 257.1829 Section Fuel tank or container; intake pipe; fuel lines.
Section 257.1831 Section Flashing, oscillating, or rotating light; location; color; use; conditions.
Section 257.1833 Section Paint; applicability.
Section 257.1835 Section Repealed. 2006, Act 107, Eff. Aug. 15, 2006.
Section 257.1837 Section Repealed. 2006, Act 107, Eff. Aug. 15, 2006.
Section 257.1839 Section Inspections.
Section 257.1841 Section Rejection; red sticker; yellow sticker; reinspection; passing sticker.
Section 257.1843 Section Inspection of new school bus; acceptance of delivery.
Section 257.1849 Section Age of driver; chauffeur's license, vehicle group designation, passenger vehicle indorsement, and school bus indorsement required; persons prohibited from operation of school bus; administration of commercial driver license skills test.
Section 257.1851 Section School bus safety education; training program.
Section 257.1852 Section Repealed. 2006, Act 107, Eff. Aug. 15, 2006.
Section 257.1853 Section Drivers of school buses; qualifications; records; background check; prohibition on smoking; alcoholic liquor or controlled substance on bus; third party reimbursement or certain benefits not required.
Section 257.1855 Section Actuation of alternately flashing lights; procedures for receiving and discharging pupils from bus; crossing road; prohibited stops; instruction on proper school bus etiquette; reimbursement; "required to cross the roadway" explained; visibility.
Section 257.1857 Section Driver of school bus at railroad track grade crossing; requirements; “inactive railroad track” defined; exemptions; violation as civil infraction; fine; processing.
Section 257.1859 Section Persons eligible for transportation; applicability of subsection (1); limitation as to seating; violation as civil infraction; fine; processing; "authorized person" defined.
Section 257.1861 Section Speed limits; violation; penalty.
Section 257.1863 Section Repealed. 2006, Act 107, Eff. Aug. 15, 2006.
Section 257.1865 Section Use of school bus for transporting persons other than pupils; mileage, insurance, fees, and other costs; priority; purchase of additional school buses; checking and servicing school buses; definition; rights of school employees; collective bargaining agreements.
Section 257.1867 Section Contract for use of school bus by government; costs; insurance; stipulation; limitation.
Section 257.1869 Section Purchasing school buses; rehabilitation of school buses; costs; rules.
Section 257.1870 Section Advisory committee; establishment; purpose; membership; duties.
Section 257.1871 Section Instruction and training on new procedures.
Section 257.1873 Section Violation as civil infraction or felony; powers of motor carrier officers.
Section 257.1875 Section Effective date.
Section 257.1877 Section Conditional effective date.