MCL - Act 138 of 1941


Act 138 of 1941

AN ACT to provide the terms and conditions upon which nonprofit cemetery associations, the charters of which have become void through operation of law, may be reinstated and the filing of delinquent reports and fees and a voidance of charter waived; and to direct the county clerk to furnish a written list to the Michigan corporation and securities commission of all nonprofit cemetery associations located within the counties.

History: 1941, Act 138, Eff. May 29, 1941

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 450.471 Section Nonprofit cemetery association; reinstatement of charter; report; penalty; certificate; filing articles of association.
Section 450.472 Section Non-profit cemetery associations; right restoration; contracts validation.
Section 450.473 Section Non-profit cemetery associations; county clerk, duties.