MCL - Act 118 of 1981


Act 118 of 1981

AN ACT to regulate motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, dealers, and their representatives; to regulate dealings between manufacturers and distributors or wholesalers and their dealers; to regulate dealings between manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, dealers, and consumers; to prohibit unfair practices; to provide remedies and penalties; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts.

History: 1981, Act 118, Imd. Eff. July 19, 1981

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 445.1561 Section Short title; Meanings of words and phrases.
Section 445.1562 Section Definitions; C, D.
Section 445.1563 Section Definitions; D to F.
Section 445.1564 Section Definitions; G to M.
Section 445.1565 Section Definitions; N to P.
Section 445.1566 Section Definitions; R to U.
Section 445.1567 Section Cancellation, termination, nonrenewal, or discontinuance of dealer agreement; conditions; existence of good cause; failure to comply with agreement; notification; evidence in writing.
Section 445.1568 Section Acts not constituting good cause for termination, cancellation, nonrenewal, or discontinuance of dealer agreement.
Section 445.1569 Section Burden of proof.
Section 445.1570 Section Notice of termination, cancellation, nonrenewal, or discontinuance of dealer agreement.
Section 445.1571 Section Compensation of dealer generally.
Section 445.1572 Section Payment of compensation; time; determination of amount; interest; definitions.
Section 445.1573 Section Requiring dealer to perform certain duties prohibited; definitions.
Section 445.1574 Section Prohibited conduct by manufacturer.
Section 445.1574a Section Property use agreement not required as condition; exception; termination of agreement between manufacturer and new motor vehicle dealer; effect of inconsistent provision; "property use agreement" defined.
Section 445.1574b Section Right of first refusal; conditions; liability; definitions.
Section 445.1575 Section Succession to dealership by designated family member of deceased or incapacitated dealer or executive manager of dealership; conditions; refusal to honor existing dealer agreement for good cause; personal and financial information; notice of refusal to approve succession; contents; service; designation of successor by written instrument.
Section 445.1576 Section Establishment or relocation of additional dealer; notice; declaratory judgment action; exception; judicial determination of good cause.
Section 445.1577 Section Dealer's obligations for preparation, delivery, and warranty service; written specifications; compensating dealer for required warranty service; schedule of compensation; prohibited conduct; claims for labor and parts; payment; approval or disapproval; charge back for false or fraudulent claims; records of warranty repairs; compensation and claims for promotion events, programs, or activities; approval or disapproval of claims; meeting; disclosure of proprietary or confidential information; audit.
Section 445.1577a Section Reasonable compensation for parts reimbursement and labor rates; factors.
Section 445.1577b Section Compensation to perform recall repairs; conditions; application of section; prohibited conduct; stop-sale order; exclusive remedy.
Section 445.1578 Section Liability for damage to new motor vehicles; rejection of new motor vehicle by dealer; credit.
Section 445.1579 Section Indemnification of dealer against certain judgments; payment of costs, fees, and judgments; notice.
Section 445.1580 Section Action for damages or declaratory judgment; liability.
Section 445.1581 Section Injunctive relief.
Section 445.1582 Section Act inapplicable to dealer outside Michigan.
Section 445.1582a Section Existing agreements and agreements entered into or renewed after effective date.
Section 445.1583 Section Repeal of MCL 445.521 to 445.534.