MCL - Section 780.621f

Act 213 of 1965

780.621f Procedures for setting aside certain marihuana offenses under MCL 780.621e.

Sec. 1f.

    (1) If an application to set aside a conviction or convictions under section 1e is granted, the arresting agency and the department of the state police shall maintain the nonpublic record created under section 3 for use as authorized under section 3.
    (2) If an application to set aside a conviction or convictions is granted under section 1e, the applicant may not thereafter seek resentencing in another criminal case the applicant was sentenced for during which the conviction or convictions at issue were used in determining an appropriate sentence for the applicant, whether or not the setting aside of the conviction or convictions would have changed the scoring of a prior record variable for purposes of the sentencing guidelines or otherwise.
    (3) A party aggrieved by the ruling of the convicting court considering an application under section 1e may seek a rehearing or reconsideration under the applicable rules of the convicting court or may file an appeal with the circuit court or, if applicable, the court of appeals in accordance with the rules of those courts.
    (4) The setting aside of a conviction under section 1e does not entitle the applicant to the return of any fines, costs, or fees imposed as part of the applicant's sentence for the conviction or convictions or of any money or property forfeited by the prosecuting agency or any law enforcement agency as a result of the conduct leading to the conviction or as a result of the conviction itself.

History: Add. 2020, Act 189, Eff. Apr. 11, 2021