MCL - Section 722.953a

Act 203 of 1994

722.953a Annual report; reduction cost savings.

Sec. 3a.

    (1) Beginning January 1, 2023, and annually each January 1 after that, the department must submit an annual report to the legislature and the house of representatives and senate appropriation committees on the department budget, that identifies the cost savings that occur due to reductions in foster youth in the foster care program and compares that number with the cost when the highest number of foster youth have been in the foster care system for the immediately preceding 10 years. The report must also include details of the department's efforts to reinvest the cost savings identified in the report.
    (2) The details of the department's efforts required under subsection (1) must include, but are not limited to, information on all of the following reinvestment efforts:
    (a) Prevention services.
    (b) Permanency services.
    (c) Adoption assistance.
    (d) Safety assessments.
    (e) Adoptive and foster family recruitment.
    (f) Training.
    (g) Caseworker bonuses.
    (h) Wage increases.

History: Add. 2022, Act 202, Imd. Eff. Oct. 7, 2022