MCL - Section 722.1567

Act 434 of 2018

722.1567 Records; availability; liability; rules prohibited; referral.

Sec. 17.

    (1) A family service agency shall maintain records for each criminal history records check, home safety assessment, and training it conducts under this act for a period of not less than 7 years after the minor child attains 18 years of age. The family service agency shall make the records available to any local, state, or federal authority requesting the records as part of an investigation involving the minor child, parent or guardian, or person in a home in which a minor child is or was hosted according to a power of attorney.
    (2) The department is not liable for any action arising out of this act.
    (3) The department shall not promulgate rules under this act.
    (4) The department, a local office of the department, or a law enforcement agency or officer may refer cases or families to a tax-exempt charitable organization that is recruiting persons and families under this act. The services provided under this act are community-based services that may be recommended commensurate with the risk to the child under section 8d(1)(b) and (c) of the child protection law, 1975 PA 238, MCL 722.628d.

History: 2018, Act 434, Eff. Mar. 20, 2019