MCL - 58-1998-9

Act 58 of 1998
Chapter 9

Document Type Description
Section 436.1901 Section Compliance required; prohibited acts; violation; sanctions and penalties.
Section 436.1903 Section Suspension or revocation of license; violation of act or rules; penalty; disposition; administrative fine; hearing; procedure; fee; right of appeal; institution of criminal prosecutions; defense; rules; appointment of agents to hear violation cases; authority and responsibility; ineligibility of designated agent for appointment to commission.
Section 436.1903a Section Conviction or administrative disqualification of licensee; electronic transaction; sanctions; hearing and appeal procedures; definitions.
Section 436.1903b Section Payment by means dishonored by financial institution for lack of sufficient funds; violation of act.
Section 436.1904 Section Consumption or possession of alcoholic liquor on school property; prohibition; violation as misdemeanor; exceptions; other violations; application of section to minor; definitions.
Section 436.1905 Section Selling or furnishing alcoholic liquor to minor; enforcement actions prohibited; conditions; exception.
Section 436.1906 Section Definitions; server training program.
Section 436.1907 Section Revocation of license; forfeiture of privileges; seizure of alcoholic liquor.
Section 436.1909 Section Violation of act as misdemeanor or felony; penalties or sanctions; remedies; violation of MCL 436.1203; "person" defined; legislative intent.
Section 436.1911 Section Failure to pay tax; penalties; collection.
Section 436.1913 Section Prohibited conduct; unlicensed premises or place; unlawful consumption of alcoholic liquor; exceptions; construction of section; “consideration” defined.
Section 436.1914 Section Alcohol vapor device; use, possession, sale, or offer to sell prohibited; violation; rules.
Section 436.1914a Section Powdered alcohol; use, possession, sale, or offer for sale prohibited; violation as misdemeanor; exception; "powdered alcohol" defined.
Section 436.1914b Section Marihuana-infused beer, wine, mixed wine drink, mixed spirit drink, or spirits; use, possession, sale, or offer for sale prohibited; exception; definitions.
Section 436.1915 Section Possessing or consuming alcoholic liquor on public highway or in park, place of amusement, or publicly owned area; authority of local governmental unit or state department or agency to prohibit possession or consumption of alcoholic liquor; definitions.
Section 436.1916 Section Entertainment, dance, or topless activity permits; issuance; prohibited activity; exceptions; extended hours permit; permits issued under administrative rule; fees; definitions.
Section 436.1917 Section Liability of vendor.
Section 436.1919 Section Forging documents, labels, or stamps; prohibited conduct; penalty.
Section 436.1921 Section Sale or exchange of ceramic commemorative bottles.
Section 436.1923 Section Warehouse receipts for alcoholic liquor; authority of commission.
Section 436.1925 Section Construction of act; severability.