MCL - 58-1998-3

Act 58 of 1998
Chapter 3

Document Type Description
Section 436.1301 Section Wine tax; levy and collection; rate; sacramental wines; tax on mixed spirit drink; payment; incorporation of farm mutual cooperative wineries; licensing; fee; certification of stockholders or members; payment of tax by wholesaler; rules.
Section 436.1303 Section Grape and wine industry council; creation; to be known as Michigan craft beverage council; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; chairperson; personnel; expenses; liability on contracts; compensation; books and records; disposition of money received; award and administration of grants; duties and powers of council; rules; lobbying prohibited; exception; establishment of commodity committee; definitions.
Section 436.1303a Section Michigan craft beverage council fund; creation; receipt of money or other assets; deposit; investment; interest and earnings; money remaining at close of fiscal year; expenditure; "Michigan craft beverage council" defined.
Section 436.1305 Section Wine and mixed spirit drink industry; purpose of section; reasons for regulation; definitions; prohibited conduct; servicing impacted sales territory; termination, cancellation, nonrenewal, or discontinuance of agreement; burden; notice; test marketing; sales and distribution; transfer of wholesaler's business; compensation for diminished value of wholesaler's business; arbitration; costs; default; waiver; good faith dispute settlement; agreement binding on successor to supplier; agreements to which section applicable; civil action for actual damages; liability; action for declaratory judgment; exemplary damages; injunctive relief; procedure for resolving violations.
Section 436.1307 Section Sales territory; master distributor defined.