MCL - 57-2018-5

Act 57 of 2018
Document Type Description
Section 125.4503 Section Legislative intent.
Section 125.4505 Section Construction of act.
Section 125.4507 Section Definitions.
Section 125.4509 Section Street railway; organization; articles of incorporation; filing; applicability of the nonprofit corporation act.
Section 125.4511 Section Nonprofit corporation as street railway; amendment of articles of incorporation required; provisions; adoption; filing; applicability of the nonprofit corporation act.
Section 125.4513 Section Acquiring, constructing, operating, and maintaining street railway system on highways of road authority; approval; terms and conditions; operating license agreement; public hearing; decision as final and binding; costs; condition; easements; revoking consent or depriving rights and privileges; powers of street railway; "public transportation provider" defined.
Section 125.4515 Section Use or consumption of electricity and electric power by street railway and street railway system; relocation and modification of public utility facilities; sound utility practice; costs; agreement; exemption from taxation; enforcement action; definitions.
Section 125.4517 Section Street or highway grades; conformance by company; alteration or change; consent required; manner of laying and maintaining track.
Section 125.4519 Section Rules and regulations; establishment by road authority.
Section 125.4521 Section Refusal of person to pay fare or obey regulations; removal of person; placement of impediment upon track as felony; throwing stone, brick, or other missile as misdemeanor.
Section 125.4523 Section Transit operations finance zone.
Section 125.4527 Section Transfer of records to bureau of commercial services; organization of entity; street railway not subject to railroad code of 1993.