MCL - Section 559.146

Act 59 of 1978

559.146 Restrictions and covenants.

Sec. 46.

     The developer or a co-owner may impose reasonable restrictions or covenants running with the land upon a condominium unit in the condominium project, in addition to the reasonable restrictions and covenants as may be contained in the condominium documents, so long as such restrictions and covenants are not otherwise prohibited by law and as long as they are consistent with the condominium documents. The restrictions and covenants may include provisions governing the joint or common ownership of condominium units in the condominium project and the basis upon which the usage of the condominium unit or condominium units may be shared from time to time by the joint or common owners thereof.

History: 1978, Act 59, Eff. July 1, 1978