MCL - Section 557.21

Act 216 of 1981

557.21 Status of property acquired by woman before or after marriage; earnings of married woman.

Sec. 1.

    (1) If a woman acquires real or personal property before marriage or becomes entitled to or acquires, after marriage, real or personal property through gift, grant, inheritance, devise, or other manner, that property is and shall remain the property of the woman and be a part of the woman's estate. She may contract with respect to the property, sell, transfer, mortgage, convey, devise, or bequeath the property in the same manner and with the same effect as if she were unmarried. The property shall not be liable for the debts, obligations, or engagements of any other person, including the woman's husband, except as provided in this act.
    (2) A married woman has the absolute right to have, hold, own, retain, and enjoy earnings acquired by the married woman as the result of her personal efforts and those earnings shall be considered the property of the married woman as described in subsection (1).

History: 1981, Act 216, Eff. Mar. 31, 1982