MCL - Section 500.3107e

Act 218 of 1956

500.3107e Delivery of forms under MCL 500.3009, 500.3107c, 500.3107d; method of selection or election for forms.

Sec. 3107e.

    (1) A form under section 3009, 3107c, or 3107d must be delivered to the applicant or named insured using 1 of the following methods:
    (a) Personal delivery.
    (b) First-class mail, postage prepaid.
    (c) Electronic means in accordance with section 2266.
    (2) A person must make a selection under section 3009 or 3107c, or an election under section 3107d in 1 of the following ways:
    (a) Marking and signing a paper form.
    (b) Giving verbal instructions, in person or telephonically, that the form be marked and signed on behalf of the person. To be an effective selection or election, the verbal instructions must be recorded and the recording maintained by the person to whom the instructions were given. If there is a dispute over the effectiveness of a selection or election under this subdivision, there is a presumption that the selection or election was not effective and the insurer has the burden of rebutting the presumption with the recording.
    (c) Electronically marking the form and providing an electronic signature as provided in the uniform electronic transactions act, 2000 PA 305, MCL 450.831 to 450.849.

History: Add. 2019, Act 21, Imd. Eff. June 11, 2019
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