MCL - Section 474.103

Act 432 of 1982

474.103 Definitions.

Sec. 3.

    As used in this act:
    (a) "Applicant" means a person who applies for an authority under this act.
    (b) "Authority" means an authority issued under this act. Authority includes an original annual authority, a reinstatement authority, and a renewal authority.
    (c) "Authorized seasonal vehicle" means an authorized vehicle that satisfies both of the following:
    (i) The department has approved the vehicle to be used in service for a contiguous period of time that does not exceed 6 months.
    (ii) The vehicle satisfies the inspection and insurance requirements of this act during the period the vehicle has been approved for use.
    (d) "Authorized vehicle" means a vehicle operated by a motor carrier that complies with all requirements of this act.
    (e) "Bus" means a motor vehicle with a seating capacity of 9 or more passengers, including the driver, that is used in the transportation of passengers and their baggage for hire upon any public highway of this state. Except as otherwise provided in section 4(1)(j), bus includes a school bus.
    (f) "Department" means the state transportation department.
    (g) "For hire" means for remuneration or reward of any kind, paid or promised, either directly or indirectly.
    (h) "Motor carrier" means a person who, either directly or through any device or arrangement, holds himself or herself out to the public as willing to transport passengers for hire by bus over the public highways of this state.
    (i) "Original annual authority" means the first authority applied for and received by a motor carrier under this act.
    (j) "Person" means an individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, association, corporation, or other legal entity, or the lessee, trustee, or receiver of any of these entities; this state; a city, village, township, or county of this state; the federal government; or an employee, officer, or agent of any of these units of government.
    (k) "Public highway" means a highway, road, street, avenue, alley, or thoroughfare of any kind, or a bridge, tunnel, or subway used by the public.
    (l) "Reinstatement authority" means an authority issued to a motor carrier whose original annual authority or original seasonal authority was previously revoked under this act.
    (m) "Renewal authority" means an authority for the continuation of a prior original annual authority or an original seasonal authority that remained in good standing, or the continuation of a reinstatement authority.
    (n) "Roster" means a list of buses to be operated for hire by a motor carrier that is authorized or seeking authorization under this act and that indicates all of the following information:
    (i) The vehicle identification number, make, model, fleet number, and year of each vehicle.
    (ii) The beginning and ending dates of service for each seasonal vehicle.
    (o) "Safety inspector" means an individual designated by the department to conduct safety inspections under this act.
    (p) "Service" means the movement of passengers by bus.
    (q) "The public" means the part or portion of the general public that the motor carrier is ready, able, willing, and equipped to serve.
    (r) "Through any device or arrangement" means any and all methods, means, agreements, circumstances, operations, or subterfuges under which a person undertakes for hire to conduct, direct, control, or otherwise perform the transportation of passengers by bus service upon the public highways of this state.

History: 1982, Act 432, Imd. Eff. Dec. 29, 1982 ;-- Am. 1989, Act 233, Imd. Eff. Dec. 21, 1989 ;-- Am. 2016, Act 349, Eff. Mar. 21, 2017