MCL - 451-1994-III-4-1-TRAILWAYS-721

Act 451 of 1994
Part 721
Document Type Description
Section 324.72101 Section Definitions.
Section 324.72102 Section Legislative findings.
Section 324.72103 Section Designation as "Pure Michigan Trail" or "Pure Michigan Water Trail"; requirements; public hearing; revocation of designation.
Section 324.72103a Section Researching and providing historical, cultural, or natural resource information; recommendations; means.
Section 324.72104 Section Designation as "Pure Michigan Trail Town"; sign and logo; revocation of designation.
Section 324.72105 Section Operating and maintaining trail; agreement; provisions; operation of electric bicycle; requirements; exception; definitions.
Section 324.72105a Section Adopt-a-trail program.
Section 324.72106 Section Trail management council; establishment; purpose; adopting operating procedures and electing officers; powers; public hearings; dissolution.
Section 324.72107 Section Closure during pesticide application.
Section 324.72108 Section Department; powers; acquisition of land as Pure Michigan Trail; transfer or use of railroad right-of-way; assumption of liability; "fair value" defined.
Section 324.72109 Section Pure Michigan Trails fund.
Section 324.72110 Section Michigan trails advisory council; creation; duties; membership; terms; vacancy; qualifications; chairperson; vice-chairperson; staffing; procedures; quorum; meetings; powers; workgroups; compensation; contracts; donations; additional responsibilities.
Section 324.72110a Section Equine trails subcommittee; creation; staffing; funding; membership; appointments; terms; vacancy; removal; meetings; quorum; business conducted at public meetings; writings subject to freedom of information act; compensation; duties.
Section 324.72111 Section State agencies; duties.
Section 324.72112 Section Rules.
Section 324.72113 Section Repealed. 2014, Act 210, Eff. Sept. 25, 2014.
Section 324.72114 Section Statewide trail network; establishment; modification to include additional trails or uses; signage; availability on department's website; recommendations from equine trails subcommittee and other trails users; database of trail maps.
Section 324.72115 Section Pack and saddle animals; access to pack and saddle trails on public land; restrictions.
Section 324.72116 Section Installation of telecommunication facilities on rail-trail; authorization; deposit of use fees; expenditures; preexisting arrangements or agreements; definitions.
Section 324.72117 Section Preservation and promotion of history of Native Americans; collaboration with certain entities; report.
Section 324.72118 Section Forest roads; inventory; applicable provisions; posting on website.