MCL - 451-1994-III-3-1-609

Act 451 of 1994
Part 609
Document Type Description
Section 324.60901 Section Definitions.
Section 324.60902 Section Project design study; land resource and current use inventory; technical assistance program; recommendations.
Section 324.60903 Section Technical assistance program; creation and purpose; utilizing programs of regional planning commissions; scope of technical assistance.
Section 324.60904 Section Land resource portion of inventory; format; scope of inventory; option to purchase or exchange wetland; exemption from property taxes.
Section 324.60905 Section Current use portion of inventory; classification system; scope.
Section 324.60906 Section Conducting current use portion of inventory; preparation and contents of criteria; circulation of criteria; notice of intent to perform work; assistance, data, and information.
Section 324.60907 Section Reimbursement for preparation of current use portion of inventory; certification; prorating amount.
Section 324.60908 Section Review and updating of land resource and current use portions of inventory.
Section 324.60909 Section Fees for generating products or rendering services.
Section 324.60910 Section Controlling or curtailing development of private property; prohibitions.