Act 451 of 1994
Part 401
Document Type Description
Section 324.40101 Section Meanings of words and phrases.
Section 324.40102 Section Definitions; A to F.
Section 324.40103 Section Definitions; G to R; "conservation" defined.
Section 324.40104 Section Definitions; T, V.
Section 324.40105 Section Animals as property of state; taking of animals to be regulated.
Section 324.40106 Section Game or protected animal; taking, releasing, transporting, selling, buying, or possessing; construction of section.
Section 324.40107 Section Management of animals; orders of department; procedures for exercising power; revision of order; filing orders to take place of former 1929 PA 286; filing and effective date of orders.
Section 324.40107a Section Repealed. 2003, Act 242, Eff. Jan. 4, 2009.
Section 324.40107b Section Taking of live raptors for use in falconry; order; establishment of season; scope of section.
Section 324.40107c Section Control and management of double-crested cormorants; administration of program; organization of states; funds.
Section 324.40107d Section Control and management of double-crested cormorants; administration of program; organization of states; funds.
Section 324.40108 Section Interim orders.
Section 324.40109 Section Transportation of game; identification of sex and species; tagging; section inapplicable to skins, pelts, and hides.
Section 324.40109a Section Conduct in another state; prosecution, punishment, or penalty prohibited.
Section 324.40110 Section Designation of species as game; establishment of first open season; removal from list; orders; definitions.
Section 324.40110a Section Open season for moose.
Section 324.40110b Section Legislative findings and declaration; establishment of first open season for wolf.
Section 324.40111 Section Taking animal from in or upon vehicle; transporting or possessing firearm in or upon vehicle; person with disability; transporting or possessing unloaded firearm in or upon vehicle on sporting clays range; individual holding permit to hunt from standing vehicle; possessing and discharging firearm to take game from personal assistive mobility device; transporting or possessing bow or crossbow in or upon vehicle while on public land or highway, road, or street; written permission to hunt or discharge firearm within certain distance of property; definitions.
Section 324.40111a Section Deer and elk feeding; order; definition.
Section 324.40111c Section Use of tranquilizer propelled from bow or firearm; use of unmanned vehicle or device; prohibitions.
Section 324.40112 Section Obstructing or interfering in lawful taking of animals or fish; prohibited conduct; petition; injunction; violation as misdemeanor; penalties; section inapplicable to peace officer.
Section 324.40113 Section Artificial light.
Section 324.40113a Section Legislative findings and declarations; taking of game; issuance of orders; right to hunt, fish, and take game.
Section 324.40114 Section Permits or licenses; issuance to individual who is paraplegic, amputee, or permanently disabled; taking of game with modified bow; permits for additional activities; activities not considered hunting; suspension, revocation, annulment, withdrawal, recall, cancellation, or amendment of permit; disposition of fees; report; sterilization of game; deer management zones; ordinance; "cub bear" defined.
Section 324.40115 Section Possession of certain game killed in collision with motor vehicle.
Section 324.40116 Section Hunter orange or other authorized color; exceptions; noncompliance not as evidence of contributory negligence; review and determination by commission; "hunter orange" and "hunter pink" defined.
Section 324.40117 Section Possession of parts of animal as prima facie evidence of violation.
Section 324.40118 Section Violation as misdemeanor; penalty; additional penalties.
Section 324.40119 Section Reimbursement of state for value of game or protected animal; restitution for illegal killing, possessing, purchasing, or selling antlered white-tailed deer, antlered elk, antlered moose, and turkey with beard; forfeiture; default as civil contempt; additional time for payment; reduction of amount forfeited; revocation of forfeiture; collection of default in payment; disposition of forfeiture damages; "point" defined.
Section 324.40120 Section Michigan big game trophy records; official keeper; recognition.