MCL - 451-1994-III-1-THE-GREAT-LAKES-341

Act 451 of 1994
Part 341
Document Type Description
Section 324.34101 Section Irrigation districts; conditions and limitations for withdrawal of waters from Great Lakes; enforcement of section.
Section 324.34102 Section Construction of part.
Section 324.34103 Section Previously organized districts; validity, rights, privileges, and obligations; applicability of part.
Section 324.34104 Section Irrigation district as body corporate; powers; seal; condemnation.
Section 324.34105 Section District contracts with federal government, state, and others; approval by department; state's public trust.
Section 324.34106 Section Grant to United States or irrigation district of right to use rights-of-way in county or intercounty drainage districts; approval; rights of private persons.
Section 324.34107 Section Dams for irrigation; approval.
Section 324.34108 Section Grants of federal, state, and private aid for irrigation projects.
Section 324.34109 Section Irrigation districts; petitions for formulation or improvement; contents; circulation; signatures.
Section 324.34110 Section Irrigation districts; affidavit of signers of petitions; evidence.
Section 324.34111 Section Irrigation districts; lands included.
Section 324.34112 Section Irrigation board; creation; membership; chairperson; availability of writings to public; minutes; records and files; member as commissioner of irrigation and public officer; presumption; contested report or action; burden of proof; exception.
Section 324.34113 Section Commissioners of irrigation; oath of office; annual accounts.
Section 324.34114 Section Control over withdrawals and operations; rules; orders; expenses.
Section 324.34115 Section Irrigation board; conducting business at public meeting; notice; calling and notice of meetings; affidavit as proof of mailing; waiver of additional notice; quorum; adjournment; action by board; signing of orders.
Section 324.34116 Section Proceedings upon petition for establishment of irrigation districts; meetings; filing and examination of petition; report; expenses and compensation.
Section 324.34117 Section Irrigation board; first meeting; considerations; naming project and irrigation district; determination of sufficiency of petition and practicability of proposed project; objections; hearing; notice; report of department; final order of determination; order of department; eliminating or adding land in irrigation district; rehearing; legal establishment of irrigation district.
Section 324.34118 Section Plans, specifications, and costs; estimates of proposed irrigation projects.
Section 324.34119 Section Design plans of irrigation works; commissioner's alteration or deviation; approval of department.
Section 324.34120 Section Acquisition of lands or rights-of-way.
Section 324.34121 Section Advertisement for bids for construction; acceptance and rejection of bids; readvertisement.
Section 324.34122 Section Costs of irrigation district; computation; approval.
Section 324.34123 Section Assessment roll; description of lands benefited; apportionment of costs; objections.
Section 324.34124 Section Notice of hearing; publication; form.
Section 324.34125 Section Hearing on objections; scope of review; equalization.
Section 324.34126 Section Special assessment rolls; final orders and confirmation; endorsement; memorandum of installments; conclusiveness.
Section 324.34127 Section Irrigation special assessments liens.
Section 324.34128 Section Tax assessment rolls; contents; permanent installment payments.
Section 324.34129 Section Spread of special assessments on local tax rolls; orders by county board of commissioners.
Section 324.34130 Section Spread of special assessments on local tax rolls; duties of local assessing officers.
Section 324.34131 Section Special assessment taxes; interest, charges, collections, disbursement; defense of collector; limitation on actions; payments under protest; liens.
Section 324.34132 Section Additional pro rata assessments; limitations.
Section 324.34133 Section Invalid assessments; validation procedure; payments applied to reassessments.
Section 324.34134 Section Irrigation orders to pay charges and to pay easements or rights-of-way; installments; drawing orders on first and succeeding years' assessments; limitations; certification by treasurer.
Section 324.34135 Section Interest on bonds; board of commissioners; resolution pledging full faith and credit of county to pay.
Section 324.34136 Section Operating and maintaining property of irrigation district; fixing and collecting water charges; approval of charges; charges for water services as lien on affected lands; certification of delinquent charges; entering charges on tax roll; enforcement; exaction of other charges; future expenses; assessment; notice of hearing.
Section 324.34137 Section Attack on orders; proceedings by writ of superintending control; legality of irrigation special assessment district and project; assessments; actions.
Section 324.34138 Section Suspension of water delivery; delinquent irrigation taxes; right-of-way for laterals; condemnation; payment.
Section 324.34139 Section Irrigation boards; powers and duties.
Section 324.34140 Section Right of entry upon land to survey; location of drains; acquisition of property; reservoirs for storage or transfers of Great Lakes water.
Section 324.34141 Section Advancement of money to pay costs; reimbursement by irrigation special assessment district; obligations.
Section 324.34142 Section District accounts; duties of county treasurer; expenditure from district funds; bond interest; funds transfer.
Section 324.34143 Section Irrigation district funds; deposit; interest; use.
Section 324.34144 Section Irrigation district funds; county treasurers as custodians; deputies; bond; orders for payment.
Section 324.34145 Section Revolving fund to pay for preliminary costs; assessment of preliminary costs; repayment of fund.
Section 324.34146 Section Borrowing money; issuing bonds; anticipating collection of special assessments; amount; applicability of law.