MCL - 451-1994-III-1-THE-GREAT-LAKES-327

Act 451 of 1994
Part 327
Document Type Description
Section 324.32701 Section Definitions; retention of established baseline capacity.
Section 324.32702 Section Legislative findings and declarations; authority.
Section 324.32703 Section Diversion of waters prohibited.
Section 324.32703a Section Diversion; authorization; conditions.
Section 324.32704 Section Applicability of MCL 324.32703.
Section 324.32704a Section Diversion; proposal; comment period; notification; waiver.
Section 324.32705 Section Registration of withdrawal; use of assessment tool; exception; agricultural purpose; form; calculating total amount of existing or proposed withdrawal; aggregate information; duration of valid registration.
Section 324.32706 Section Development of internet-based online registration process; registration; required statement and supporting documentation.
Section 324.32706a Section Internet-based water withdrawal assessment tool; implementation; determination of proposed zone withdrawal; entering and printing data; working in conjunction with online registration process; technical modifications; redesignation of stream or river; report.
Section 324.32706b Section Utilization of assessment tool; request for site-specific review; designation of proposed withdrawal; registration; rerun of assessment tool; correction of data.
Section 324.32706c Section Request for site-specific review; analysis; supporting evidence; conditions; form; information to be included; completion of review by department; withdrawals; registration; corrected data; disclosure under freedom of information act; definitions.
Section 324.32706d Section Collection of stream or river flow measurements by persons other than department; development and use of protocol; training program.
Section 324.32706e Section Cumulative withdrawals; determination of adverse impact.
Section 324.32707 Section Reporting requirements; forms; water use reporting fees.
Section 324.32708 Section Water use conservation plan; formula or model to estimate consumptive use of withdrawals for agricultural purposes; inclusion of information in statewide groundwater inventory and map; disclosure.
Section 324.32708a Section Generic water conservation measures; preparation; posting on website; submission of water conservation measures by water user's sector; acceptance by department; water conservation measures for agricultural purposes; report; notification of zone C withdrawal; definitions.
Section 324.32709 Section Informational materials.
Section 324.32710 Section Duties of department; electronic mail notification of withdrawals; formation of water resources assessment and education committee.
Section 324.32711, 324.32712 Section Repealed. 2006, Act 33, Imd. Eff. Feb. 28, 2006.
Section 324.32713 Section Civil action; commencement; civil fine; recovery of surveillance and enforcement costs.
Section 324.32714 Section Water use protection fund; creation; disposition of assets; investments; money remaining in fund; expenditures.
Section 324.32721 Section Large quantity withdrawal; prohibition; exception; certain large quantity withdrawals subject to definition of adverse resource impact existing on February 28, 2006.
Section 324.32722 Section Presumption.
Section 324.32723 Section Water withdrawal permit; persons required to obtain; application; fee; issuance; conditions; revocation; petition for contested case hearing; exemptions from permit requirements.
Section 324.32724 Section 324.32724 Repealed. 2008, Act 181, Imd. Eff. July 9, 2008.
Section 324.32725 Section Water users committee; establishment; purpose; composition; notice of withdrawal; occurrence of adverse resource impacts; recommended solution proposed by department; order by director; petition; "unverified petition" and "permit holders" defined.
Section 324.32726 Section Local ordinance.
Section 324.32727 Section Exemptions; compilation and sharing of certain data.
Section 324.32728 Section Construction and scope of act; rules.
Section 324.32729 Section Fees not authorized; exception.
Section 324.32730 Section Compact; implementation.