MCL - 451-1994-III-1-INLAND-WATERS-307

Act 451 of 1994
Part 307
Document Type Description
Section 324.30701 Section Definitions.
Section 324.30702 Section Determination of normal inland lake level; motion or petition to initiate action; delegation of powers and duties by county board; maintenance.
Section 324.30703 Section Preliminary study; costs; contents of study.
Section 324.30704 Section Initiating proceeding for determining normal inland lake level and establishing special assessment district; required finding; multicounty lake; joinder permitted.
Section 324.30705 Section Special assessment bonds or notes; lake level orders; proceedings; full faith and credit.
Section 324.30706 Section Initiation of proceedings by director of department.
Section 324.30707 Section Hearing; notice; service; powers and duties of court.
Section 324.30708 Section Maintenance of normal level; acquisition by gift, grant, purchase, or condemnation; contract for operation and maintenance of existing dam; dam in adjoining county; operation of pumps and wells.
Section 324.30709 Section Powers of department.
Section 324.30710 Section Condemnation of private property.
Section 324.30711 Section Defraying project costs by special assessment; special assessment roll; reassessment.
Section 324.30712 Section Computation of project costs.
Section 324.30713 Section Contract with agency or corporation; provisions.
Section 324.30714 Section Special assessment roll; public hearing; notice; approval; appeal.
Section 324.30715 Section Assessment payments; installments; amount; interest, penalty, and collection; lien; preliminary study payment credited.
Section 324.30716 Section Bonds and notes; issuance.
Section 324.30717 Section Acceptance and repayment of advance.
Section 324.30718 Section Dam construction or maintenance; plans and specifications; approval by department; bids; work relief project.
Section 324.30719 Section Dam construction; underspill device; fish ladder.
Section 324.30720 Section Unauthorized change of level; penalty.
Section 324.30721 Section Establishment of normal inland lake level prohibited in certain cases.
Section 324.30722 Section Inspection; report; repairs; penalty; expenditure.
Section 324.30723 Section Other requirements not abrogated.