MCL - 451-1994-II-3-115-2

Act 451 of 1994
Document Type Description
Section 324.11509 Section Construction permit for establishment of disposal area; application; engineering plan; construction permit application fees; resubmission of application with additional information and fee; modification or renewal of permit; single permit multiple types of disposal areas; disposition of fees; approval of new type II landfill; restrictions; "contiguous" defined.
Section 324.11510 Section Advisory analysis of proposed disposal area; duties of department upon receipt of construction permit application.
Section 324.11511 Section Construction permit; approval or denial of issuance; expiration; renewal; fee.
Section 324.11511a Section Coal ash landfill, coal ash impoundment, or lateral expansion of landfill or impoundment; standard and location requirements; construction permit; detection monitoring program.
Section 324.11511b Section RDDP; research, development, and demonstration project.
Section 324.11512 Section Disposal of solid waste at licensed disposal area; license required to conduct, manage, maintain, or operate disposal area; application; contents; fee; certification; resubmitting application; additional information or corrections; operation of incinerator without operating license; additional fees; operation of coal ash landfill and coal ash impoundment; application; fees; public notice and meeting; hydrogeologic monitoring program; annual report.
Section 324.11512a Section Issuance of license for coal ash landfill or a coal ash impoundment; requirements.
Section 324.11512b Section Active gas collection and control system; prevention of the migration of explosive gases; system requirements; compliance with gas migration monitoring plan; alternative gas venting.
Section 324.11512d Section Installation of monitoring port; sampling of gas extractions for effectiveness; surface monitoring design plan; submission and retention of records.
Section 324.11512f Section Type II landfill; revised engineering plans; compliance requirements; report.
Section 324.11512h Section Schedule for operating and monitoring an active gas collection and control system; surface emission scans.
Section 324.11513 Section Operation of solid waste processing and transfer facility; notification and reporting requirements; registration application; applicability to existing operations.
Section 324.11514 Section Materials prohibited from disposal in landfill; disposal of yard clippings; notice of prohibitions; report.
Section 324.11514b Section Disposal of certain technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) in type II landfill prohibited; annual report; disposal requirements; TENORM defined.
Section 324.11515 Section Inspection of site; compliance with part 115 as condition of eligibility for permit, license, or registration; written inspection report; authorized representative defined.
Section 324.11516 Section Final decision on license application; expiration and renewal of operating license; issuance of license as authority to accept waste for disposal; final exterior landfill slope requirements.
Section 324.11517 Section Approval of closure certification and postclosure plan; modification of postclosure care period; release from postclosure care; duties of owner or operator.
Section 324.11518 Section Landfill and coal ash impoundment; instrument imposing restrictive covenant on land; filing; contents of covenant; authorization; exemption; construction of part 115.
Section 324.11519 Section Specifying reasons for denial of permit, operating license, or registration; cease and desist order; grounds for order revoking, suspending, or restricting permit, license, or registration; contested case hearing; violation or inconsistency; summary suspension of permit or license; judicial review.
Section 324.11519a Section Duties of owner or operator of a coal ash impoundment or a coal ash landfill; compliance with federal regulations; assessment.
Section 324.11519b Section Placement of coal ash and associated liquids; assessment monitoring program; response action plan; closure of facility.
Section 324.11519c Section Groundwater contamination in unlined coal ash impound; owner or operator duties; "unlined coal ash impoundment" defined.
Section 324.11520 Section Disposition of fees; special fund; disposition of solid waste on private property.
Section 324.11521 Section Repealed. 2022, Act 245, Eff. Mar. 29, 2023.