MCL - Section 445.908

Act 331 of 1976

445.908 Compliance with notice; conduct requiring assessment of civil penalty; petition for order to enforce compliance; violation of final order; injunction.

Sec. 8.

    (1) A person upon whom a notice is served pursuant to section 7 shall comply with the terms of the notice unless otherwise provided by the order of the circuit court.
    (2) A person who does any of the following shall be assessed a civil penalty of not more than $5,000.00.
    (a) Knowingly without good cause fails to appear when served with a notice.
    (b) Knowingly avoids, evades, or prevents compliance, in whole or in part, with an investigation, including the removal from any place, concealment, destruction, mutilation, alteration, or falsification of documentary material in the possession, custody, or control of a person subject to the notice.
    (c) Knowingly conceals relevant information.
    (3) The attorney general may file a petition in the circuit court of the county in which the person is established or conducts business or, if the person is not established in this state, in the circuit court of Ingham county for an order to enforce compliance with a subpoena or this section. A violation of a final order entered pursuant to this section shall be punished as civil contempt.
    (4) Upon the petition of the attorney general, the circuit court may enjoin a person from doing business in this state if the person persistently and knowingly evades or prevents compliance with an injunction issued pursuant to this act.

History: 1976, Act 331, Eff. Apr. 1, 1977