MCL - Section 445.1941

Act 33 of 2009

445.1941 Dealer; prohibited conduct; indemnification.

Sec. 21.

    (1) A dealer shall not do any of the following:
    (a) Fail to perform predelivery inspection of products, if required, in a competent and timely manner.
    (b) If a transient customer requests service work on a recreational vehicle of a line-make that the dealer is authorized to display and sell, fail to perform any warranty service work authorized by a warrantor in a reasonably competent and timely manner without good cause.
    (c) Make a fraudulent warranty claim to a warrantor.
    (d) Misrepresent the terms of any warranty.
    (2) A dealer shall indemnify a warrantor for any money paid or costs incurred by a warrantor in connection with a claim or cause of action asserted against the warrantor, to the extent that payment or those costs are based on the negligence or intentional conduct of the dealer. A dealer may not limit the obligation to indemnify described in this subsection by agreement with the warrantor. The warrantor shall provide a dealer with a copy of any claim or complaint in which an allegation described in this subsection is made within 10 days after receiving that claim or complaint.

History: 2009, Act 33, Eff. Dec. 1, 2009