MCL - 431-1984-4

Act 431 of 1984
Article 4

Document Type Description
Section 18.1401 Section Meanings of words and phrases.
Section 18.1402 Section Definitions; C to E.
Section 18.1403 Section Definitions; I to R.
Section 18.1404 Section Definitions; R to W.
Section 18.1411 Section Repealed. 1988, Act 504, Imd. Eff. Dec. 29, 1988.
Section 18.1421 Section Internal control in management of state's financial transactions; powers of state budget director; accounting principles; implementation of executive reorganization orders.
Section 18.1421a Section Legislative and judicial access to state financial management system.
Section 18.1422 Section Advances.
Section 18.1423 Section Examination of books, accounts, documents, systems, and financial affairs.
Section 18.1424 Section Production of books, papers, and documents; examination; testimony; oaths.
Section 18.1426 Section Books, records, and systems; adoption and use.
Section 18.1430 Section Capped federal funds, special revenue funds, and healthy Michigan fund; report on amounts and sources.
Section 18.1431 Section Accounting for activities and programs; assignment; classification of funds.
Section 18.1432 Section Merging, combining, or segregating fund.
Section 18.1434 Section Crediting certain revenues to revolving fund; financial plan; report.
Section 18.1435 Section Revolving funds; transferring net income to general fund.
Section 18.1437 Section Advances to revolving fund; repayment; long term advances for acquisition of equipment; limitation.
Section 18.1441 Section Disposition of receipts; directives; subsection (1) inapplicable to state agency within legislative branch.
Section 18.1442 Section Expenditure or transfer of funds appropriated to entity within legislative branch.
Section 18.1443 Section Money received by state agencies; forwarding to state treasurer; crediting to general fund; limitation on transfers.
Section 18.1444 Section Encumbrances and receivables; reporting and recording.
Section 18.1447 Section Repealed. 2018, Act 389, Imd. Eff. Dec. 19, 2018.
Section 18.1448 Section Expenditure of state funds; availability of information on website homepages; "expenditure of state funds" defined.
Section 18.1451 Section Lapse of unencumbered balance of appropriation; unascertainable documents; charging encumbrance to next succeeding fiscal year.
Section 18.1451a Section Work projects.
Section 18.1452 Section Payment and use of amounts appropriated in budget act.
Section 18.1453 Section Appropriations from restricted revenues; limitation on expenditure.
Section 18.1454 Section Appropriation of full-time equated positions; basis; report on status of FTE positions; report containing fiscal year summary of information required in subsection (2).
Section 18.1455 Section Appropriations for unclassified positions; use; eligibility of incumbents of unclassified positions to participate in state contributory insurance and longevity programs; prior years' service as classified employee in determining amount of longevity payment; use of appropriations for salaries and wages; payment of back salaries or wages.
Section 18.1456 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1999.
Section 18.1458 Section Use of amounts authorized for equal employment opportunity services; filling positions; responsibility.
Section 18.1459 Section Repealed. 1988, Act 504, Imd. Eff. Dec. 29, 1988.
Section 18.1460 Section Indirect cost rate or percentage; determination; report; request for appropriations of federal funds not to include funds for indirect costs; charging indirect cost to award, contract, or grant; crediting indirect cost; availability of revenues.
Section 18.1461 Section Audit pursuant to federal law; single audits; conduct; funding; encumbering amounts to finance cost of audits; carrying over unexpended amounts; schedule of expenditures of federal awards.
Section 18.1462 Section Plan to comply with audit recommendations; corrective action plans.
Section 18.1463 Section Federal pass-through funds to local institutions and units of local government; appropriation; certain funds not to be expended unless appropriated.
Section 18.1470 Section Procurement contract for services; audit of vendor to verify compliance; provision; availability; exemption; "auditor general" defined.
Section 18.1483 Section Definitions used in MCL 18.1483 to 18.1489.
Section 18.1484 Section System of reporting and general framework to be used in evaluations of internal control systems; development; modification; notice.
Section 18.1485 Section Internal control system; establishment and maintenance; elements; duties of head of principal department; reports.
Section 18.1486 Section Internal auditor; appointment; member of state classified executive service; supervision; protection; duties; professional and auditing standards; report.
Section 18.1487 Section Internal auditor; reports; plan to correct problems, abuses, or deficiencies; public disclosure of information.
Section 18.1488 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1999.
Section 18.1489 Section Evaluation and report by auditor general.
Section 18.1490 Section Enterprise portfolio management office; report to legislature on information technology services; requirements.
Section 18.1491 Section Fiscal year.
Section 18.1492 Section Including financial statements in comprehensive annual financial report; responsibility; statement format; audit; submission of statements.
Section 18.1493 Section Preliminary, unaudited financial statements including notes of general fund and state school aid fund; submission to legislature and fiscal agency.
Section 18.1494 Section Comprehensive annual financial report; publication; preparation of financial statements; certificates of examination; disclosure of budgetary basis; deviation from generally accepted accounting principles; establishment and use of capital outlay reserve.
Section 18.1495 Section Report on state's current financial situation; publish; contents required.
Section 18.1496 Section Repealed. 1988, Act 504, Imd. Eff. Dec. 29, 1988.
Section 18.1497 Section Itemized statement of state spending paid to units of local government and total state spending from state sources; transmittal; calculation of spending proportion; publication of report; reporting amount of additional payments; payment of amount; making up shortfall in payments.
Section 18.1498 Section Local government payment fund; creation; reservation of money appropriated to fund; amounts considered state payments to units of local government.
Section 18.1499 Section Closing schedule; procedural directives; appropriation transfer; monthly statement of estimated revenues; latest published estimate.