MCL - 431-1984-2

Act 431 of 1984
Article 2

Document Type Description
Section 18.1201 Section Equipment, furniture, and furnishings.
Section 18.1203 Section State automated information processing installations and telecommunications projects and services.
Section 18.1204 Section Standardized risk management policies, practices, and procedures; development and implementation; review, approval, and administration of risk management related programs; insurance or related services; self-insurance options.
Section 18.1205 Section Additional definitions.
Section 18.1206 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1999.
Section 18.1206a Section Designation of racial or ethnic classification in writing developed by state agency; transmission of information to federal agency; “writing” defined.
Section 18.1207 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1999.
Section 18.1208-18.1211 Section Repealed. 1988, Act 504, Imd. Eff. Dec. 29, 1988.
Section 18.1213 Section "Fund" and "motor vehicle" defined; directives relative to motor vehicles; motor vehicle repair centers and motor pools; creation of motor transport revolving fund; disposition of revenue; assets and liabilities; use of alternative fuels; "alternative fuel" defined.
Section 18.1215 Section Motor vehicle and person to whom motor vehicle assigned; restrictions.
Section 18.1217 Section Directives relative to travel and expenses of officers and unclassified employees of state agencies; approval; meetings of state agencies; travel report.
Section 18.1219 Section Directives for management, operation, maintenance, security, and repair of state-owned facilities; determination of space utilization standards; assignment of space in state capitol building and buildings under jurisdiction of legislature; prohibition; management and operation of state capitol building and grounds of Michigan state capitol historic site; definitions.
Section 18.1221 Section Rentals and leases; approval; notification; easements; determination of market rental values; building occupancy rates.
Section 18.1221a Section Reports; section ineffective after March 31, 2015; "project" defined.
Section 18.1222 Section Property acquired through installment lease agreement as public property; exemption from property tax.
Section 18.1223 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1999.
Section 18.1224 Section Access to public information; use of telephone system; limitation on charges.
Section 18.1225 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1999.
Section 18.1227 Section Parking; disposition of fees, penalties, and fines; rules.
Section 18.1237 Section Acquisition, construction, lease purchase, improvement, or demolition of facilities; studies, designs, plans, specifications, and contract documents; employment and duties of architects and professional engineers; quality control; independent testing services; final approval; review by attorney general.
Section 18.1237a Section Community college and university capital outlay projects.
Section 18.1237b Section Architects, professional engineers, professional surveyors, and qualified firms; selection.
Section 18.1237c Section Contract with architect, professional engineer, or contractor; liability; limitation; "contractor" defined.
Section 18.1238 Section Universities and community colleges; report.
Section 18.1239 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1999.
Section 18.1240 Section Cost plus construction contract; conditions.
Section 18.1241 Section Contract for construction, repair, remodeling, or demolition of facility; bidding procedure; award; expenditure; director as agent; preference to qualified disabled veteran; responsive and responsible best value bidder; definition.
Section 18.1241a Section Contract for construction, alteration, repair, or rebuilding of state building or other state property; mandatory clause; breach of clause; applicability of section.
Section 18.1241b Section Construction, alteration, repair, or rebuilding of state building or facility; energy efficiency of materials.
Section 18.1241c Section Contract with person for construction, alteration, or repair of state building or property; representation that person not engaged in boycott; definitions.
Section 18.1242 Section Development of 5-year capital outlay plans; review; priorities; program statements and schematic planning documents; authorization of project for final design and construction; submission of bid results summary to JCOS; oversight; appropriation not considered as commitment.
Section 18.1242a Section Annual review.
Section 18.1243 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1999.
Section 18.1244 Section Scope of construction appropriation; direct labor charges; resident inspector; indirect or administrative overhead costs; separate accounts; design and construction requirements; contract to complete construction of project; conditions.
Section 18.1245 Section Sign at site of state project.
Section 18.1246 Section Release of allocations; approval; total authorized cost or sufficient appropriation; establishment or revision.
Section 18.1247 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1999.
Section 18.1248 Section Applicability of section; capital outlay project; carrying forward prior authorized projects; continuation or lapse of balance; termination of project; continuation of project beyond limits in section; conditions; carrying forward grant or grant-in-aid.
Section 18.1249 Section Matching revenues.
Section 18.1250 Section References to former law.
Section 18.1251 Section Applicability of section to real property of state; development and maintenance of real property records and facility inventories; award of service contracts; employment of land surveyors; directives for disposition of surplus facilities and lands.
Section 18.1252 Section Current data and directives as to facilities; technical assistance as to special maintenance projects.
Section 18.1253 Section Energy conservation improvements.
Section 18.1254 Section Certificate of energy cost savings; distribution of unencumbered balance of appropriation for fuel or utilities.
Section 18.1261 Section Supplies, materials, services, insurance, utilities, third party financing, equipment, printing, and other items; purchase; contract; preference; discretionary decisions by department; competitive solicitation; exceptions; delegation of procurement authority; lease or installment purchases; directives; cooperative purchasing agreement; preference to disabled veteran; representation in contract that person not engaged in boycott; exemption from freedom of information act; performance-related damages or targets; definitions.
Section 18.1261a Section Recycled supplies, materials, and equipment; effect of noncompliance; exemption; cost considerations; report; “recycled materials” defined.
Section 18.1261b Section Purchase of recycled paper; phase-in period; directives; label; records; definitions.
Section 18.1261c Section Wood or paper products from sustainably managed forests or procurement systems.
Section 18.1261d Section Products containing mercury or mercury compounds; purchase; limitation.
Section 18.1261e Section Information technology projects; requirements.
Section 18.1261f Section Information technology system development vendor contract or maintenance project; audit.
Section 18.1262 Section Limiting solicitation to prequalified vendors.
Section 18.1263 Section Purchase of supplies and materials by state agency to maintain inventories; authorization; limitation; charging appropriation accounts; periodic inventories; obsolescence, damage, or spoilage; fee for purchasing services assistance; cooperative bulk purchasing program for schools and school districts.
Section 18.1264 Section Debarring vendor from participation in bid process and from contract award; notice; finding.
Section 18.1265 Section Federal surplus property; acquisition and distribution.
Section 18.1267 Section Personal property of state agencies; directives for disclosure, transfer, and disposal; sale at fair market value; payment of costs or assessment of handling fee; sale of surplus snow removal equipment or surplus road construction or maintenance equipment; "local road agencies" defined.
Section 18.1268 Section Bidder for state contract as Michigan business; certification; significant business presence required; verification; disclosure; reciprocal preference; list of states giving preference to in-state bidders; waiver of entitlement to claim preference; fraud; felony; penalty; review; recommendations; applicability.
Section 18.1269 Section Centralized services; charges; rates; creation of office services revolving fund; inventory value of paper and stationery operation.
Section 18.1270 Section Directives for use of certain apps, software, or other technology on electronic device by state departments and agencies.
Section 18.1271 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1999.
Section 18.1273 Section Directives for printing of publications by state agency; approval of printing request; determining number and distribution of state reports and publications; style, form, binding, typography, and quality of paper; central storage; publications to be printed on recycled paper; distribution and central storage only of certain publications.
Section 18.1275 Section Sale of office furnishings and equipment to former governors and legislators; fair market value; use of proceeds.
Section 18.1277 Section Expenditure for mailing letter, newsletter, report, or other publication; conditions.
Section 18.1279 Section Consulting services.
Section 18.1281 Section Contract for services; contract for personal services; reports.
Section 18.1281a Section Personal service contracts; report.
Section 18.1282 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1999.
Section 18.1283 Section Central payroll system; state budget office as tax withholding agency; payroll deductions or withholding.
Section 18.1283a Section Payroll and payments by electronic funds transfer; implementation.
Section 18.1284 Section Additional definitions.
Section 18.1285 Section Records; maintenance by head of state agency; listing on retention and disposal schedule; legal custody and physical possession.
Section 18.1287 Section Records management program; purpose; duties of department; directives.
Section 18.1288 Section Inspection or inventory of records.
Section 18.1289 Section Records of archival value; listings of records due for disposal; report; notice of destruction or transfer of record; action to recover records; temporary restraining order.
Section 18.1292 Section Responsibilities of department of history, arts, and libraries.
Section 18.1293 Section Definitions.
Section 18.1294 Section Purchase of goods and services from community rehabilitation organizations; preferred status.
Section 18.1295 Section Committee on purchase of goods and services from community rehabilitation organizations; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; compensation.
Section 18.1296 Section Duties of committee.
Section 18.1297 Section Priority of selection; specifications; sale of goods and services to other governmental agencies or private businesses.
Section 18.1298 Section Repealed. 2013, Act 243, Eff. Mar. 14, 2014.
Section 18.1298a Section Repealed. 2013, Act 243, Eff. Mar. 14, 2014.
Section 18.1298b Section Michigan veterans' memorial park; designation; jurisdiction under Michigan veterans' memorial park commission; easement.
Section 18.1298c Section Repealed. 2013, Act 243, Eff. Mar. 14, 2014.
Section 18.1298d Section Repealed. 2013, Act 243, Eff. Mar. 14, 2014.
Section 18.1298e Section Repealed. 2013, Act 243, Eff. Mar. 14, 2014.
Section 18.1299 Section Office of state budget director; higher education institutional data inventory advisory committee; membership; review and audits; auditor general report.