MCL - Section 41.805

Act 33 of 1951

41.805 Fire protection ordinances and standard fire prevention codes; adoption, publication.

Sec. 5.

     The township board of any township, where appropriations have been made as herein provided, shall have power to enact such ordinances and establish and enforce such resolutions as they shall deem necessary to guard against the occurrence of fires and to protect the property and persons of the citizens against damage and accident resulting therefrom. Any township adopting ordinances under the provisions of this section shall have the power to adopt any standard fire prevention code which has been promulgated by the state or by any department, board or agency thereof, or by any national organization or association which is organized and conducted for the purpose of developing such codes with specific date of publication by reference thereto in an adopting ordinance and without publishing such code in full. The code shall be clearly identified in the ordinance and the purpose of the code shall be published with the adopting ordinance and printed copies shall be kept in the office of the township clerk, available for inspection by and distribution to the public at all times. The publication shall contain a notice to the effect that a complete copy of the code is available for public use and inspection at the office of the township clerk.

History: 1951, Act 33, Imd. Eff. May 8, 1951 ;-- Am. 1961, Act 148, Eff. Sept. 8, 1961