MCL - 407-2016-11

Act 407 of 2016
Document Type Description
Section 339.6101 Section Definitions; A to J.
Section 339.6103 Section Definitions; M to W.
Section 339.6105 Section State plumbing board; membership; qualifications; recommendations to commission.
Section 339.6107 Section Plumbing contractor, master plumber, journey plumber, or apprentice plumber; license or registration required; work not requiring license; performing activities within scope of licensure or registration.
Section 339.6109 Section Plumbing contractor, master, or journey license; examination.
Section 339.6111 Section Plumbing contractor license; issuance; conditions; operation of branch offices; supervision or control of plumbing operations; display of business sign.
Section 339.6113 Section Master plumber's license; issuance; requirements; condition of renewal; responsibility for payment of fee; notice that master plumber ceasing representation of contractor.
Section 339.6115 Section Journey plumber's license; issuance; requirements; affidavit stating amount of experience; condition of renewal.
Section 339.6117 Section Apprentice plumber; registration; requirements.
Section 339.6119 Section Master plumber; inactive license; issuance as active; holding active master and journey plumber license.
Section 339.6121 Section Fees.
Section 339.6123 Section Plumbing inspector; prohibited conduct.
Section 339.6125 Section Issuance of plumbing permit by governmental subdivision.
Section 339.6127 Section Violation of asbestos abatement contractors licensing act; review; suspension or revocation of license.
Section 339.6129 Section Provision in conflict with Stille-DeRossett-Hale single state construction code act.
Section 339.6131 Section Lost or destroyed license or registration; reissuance; fee; statement.
Section 339.6133 Section Liability of person or state for damages.