MCL - 40-1956-2.

Act 40 of 1956
Chapter 2.
Document Type Description
Section 280.21 Section County drain commissioner; election; term; temporary replacement; vacancy; bond; abolishment of office in certain counties; transfer of power and duties; effect of establishing department of public works or public improvement agency; election of public works commissioner; public hearing; abolishing office of public works commissioner; referring to office as drain commissioner; county governed by MCL 280.21a; change of name to office of water resources commissioner; criteria.
Section 280.21a Section Powers and duties of drain commissioner performed by designated persons in certain counties.
Section 280.22 Section Drain commissioner; establishment of office.
Section 280.23 Section Drain commissioner; jurisdiction; drains in more than one county; outlet only in another county.
Section 280.24 Section Deputy commissioners; appointment; revocation; bond; powers and duties.
Section 280.25 Section Deputy drain commissioner; liability of commissioner and bondsmen; liability of drainage district; public liability or other insurance.
Section 280.26 Section Deputy drain commissioner; salary, expenses, reports to drain commissioner.
Section 280.27 Section Supplies; blank applications, office, location, hours.
Section 280.28 Section County drain commissioner; salary and expenses; itemized and verified expense account.
Section 280.29 Section Surveys; use of books, equipment, field notes, profiles, blueprints, specifications, estimates, engineers.
Section 280.30 Section Drainage district; financial statement, records, prerequisites to tax spread.
Section 280.31 Section List of drainage districts assessed for maintenance work; annual report and financial statement to county board of commissioners; reports and information required by director of department; liability on bond.
Section 280.32 Section Drain commissioner; social security; agreement for coverage; appropriation.
Section 280.33 Section Salary of commissioner, deputy commissioners, clerks, and employees; payment from general fund; drain maintenance employees; hiring, status, and compensation; reimbursement of county general fund by drain districts; waiver.