MCL - 40-1956-18.

Act 40 of 1956
Chapter 18.
Document Type Description
Section 280.421 Section Obstructions; removal; expenses, notice; livestock; criminal complaint.
Section 280.422 Section Obstructions; public utility companies; removal, mandamus.
Section 280.423 Section Discharge of certain sewage or waste matter into drains prohibited; construction to purify flow; petitions; order of determination; findings; construction of drain; plans and specifications; contracts; costs; review; acquisition of land; application and fee for sewer connections; powers of drain commissioner or drainage board; failure to comply with section; violation as misdemeanor; fine; “person” defined.
Section 280.424 Section Inadequate disposal or filtration plant; abatement of nuisance; estimate of annual cost; appeal; notice; posting; review of apportionment; board of review; meeting; proceedings; determination; payment; assessment; water rates.
Section 280.425 Section Petition to construct open or closed drain; permission of commissioners or drainage board; consent of landowners; expense; time and manner of construction; protection of drain entrance; signature of applicant or petitioner; tiling source of drain or open drain; permit to tile established drain.
Section 280.426 Section Drain orders received for drain taxes.
Section 280.427 Section Corporation or land contract vendee as freeholder; corporate agent or officer as signer of petition.
Section 280.428 Section Drainage district including state lands; assessment, payment.
Section 280.429 Section Flood control projects; easements to United States; approval.
Section 280.430 Section Sanitary sewage; contracts for use of drains; charges; lien; cost included in charges.
Section 280.431 Section Contracts for drain projects; federal government; public corporations; relief from assessments; flood control projects; conservation and utilization of soil and water; “public corporation” defined.
Section 280.432 Section Obstruction of drain commissioner; drainage board or agents; misdemeanor.
Section 280.433 Section Enlargement of drainage district; agreement; construction and cost of drainage facilities; certificate of registered professional engineer; payment of excess amount and pro rata equitable share; liability of added lands for assessments; dedication, conveyance, or transfer of drain facilities and property; extension of drain; notice of agreement; procedure for establishment of existing private drain; deposit; special drain fund.
Section 280.434 Section Drain project; construction or studies; borrowing money or accepting advances; reimbursement; contract or note as evidence of obligation; full faith and credit; source of payments; applicability of section.
Section 280.435 Section Financing of flood control or drainage projects; contract or agreement with federal government; payments and purposes; determination of necessity; notes or bonds; issuance subject to revised municipal finance act.