MCL - 40-1956-11.

Act 40 of 1956
Chapter 11.
Document Type Description
Section 280.261 Section Computation of cost; items included; contingent expenses.
Section 280.262 Section Special assessment roll and tax assessment roll; contents; installment payments.
Section 280.263 Section Spread of drain taxes on rolls; time.
Section 280.264 Section Statement of assessments upon township at large furnished township treasurer.
Section 280.265 Section Drain taxes; general tax law applicable, payment under protest, action, lien, personal claim.
Section 280.266 Section Return of delinquent drain taxes; general tax law applicable.
Section 280.267 Section Injunction after assessment.
Section 280.268 Section Perpetual injunction not allowed for informalities; plaintiff may show injury.
Section 280.269 Section Invalidation proceedings; proofs, correction of damages or assessment, order, costs.
Section 280.270 Section Tax lien; proceeding to compel spread of tax; established drains.
Section 280.271 Section Tax collection suits; tax reassessment.
Section 280.272 Section Tax collection suits; assumpsit; prima facie evidence, judgment based on benefits; authority to sue.
Section 280.273 Section New proceedings when tax set aside; report of defects to supervisors, reassessment.
Section 280.274 Section Invalidation proceedings; commissioner as party.
Section 280.275 Section Drainage district bonds; issuance; terms; sale subject to revised municipal finance act; premium; limitation on payment from county general fund.
Section 280.276 Section County drainage district bonds or notes; intracounty drains; faith and credit; advancement by county, reassessment.
Section 280.277 Section Drainage district bonds; delinquent assessments, advance by cities, villages, or townships; reimbursement; reassessment; validation of drain orders or bonds.
Section 280.278 Section Interest on installments of drain taxes; payment of interest; disposition and use of installments and interest; bank deposits; interest on bonds or notes.
Section 280.279 Section Special assessments; payment in full; notice to commissioner; deficiency assessment.
Section 280.280 Section Additional assessments; levy; surplus; exemption of certain lands from deficiency assessments; purpose.
Section 280.281 Section Special drain assessment; definition of municipal corporation.
Section 280.282 Section Investment of surplus funds; consolidation of drainage district funds; disposition and use of interest; revolving maintenance fund; consolidation with other funds for investment purposes; disposition of interest earned; accounting for principal balances; expenditures.
Section 280.283 Section Use or transfer of surplus construction funds; contract with public corporation; provisions of contract; return of surplus construction funds to state transportation department; definitions.