MCL - 386-1998-VII-6

Act 386 of 1998
Part 6
Document Type Description
Section 700.7601 Section Capacity of settlor of revocable trust.
Section 700.7602 Section Revocation or amendment of revocable trust.
Section 700.7603 Section Powers of settlor; exceptions; settlor as incapacitated individual; powers of withdrawal; actions by predecessor trustee.
Section 700.7604 Section Proceeding to contest validity of revocable trust; limitation; distribution of property; liability.
Section 700.7605 Section Liability of trust for expenses, claims, and allowances.
Section 700.7606 Section Payment of expenses and obligations of settlor's estate; duty of trustee.
Section 700.7607 Section Rules regarding payment of expenses and obligations; priority; decedent as settlor of more than 1 trust.
Section 700.7608 Section Duty of trustee to give notice.
Section 700.7609 Section Presentation of claims against trust.
Section 700.7610 Section Presentation of claims to assert liability; time limitation; exceptions.
Section 700.7611 Section Allowance or disallowance of claims against revocable trust.
Section 700.7612 Section Payment of claims by trustee.
Section 700.7613 Section Secured claims; payment; basis.
Section 700.7614 Section Claims due at future time, contingent claim, or unliquidated claim.
Section 700.7615 Section Counterclaims of trustee.