MCL - Section 380.1531h

Act 451 of 1976

380.1531h Teacher certification database system; establishment; implementation; funding.

Sec. 1531h.

    (1) Not later than July 1, 2010, the department shall establish and implement a teacher certification database system that provides for at least all of the following:
    (a) The ability for teachers to renew a professional teaching certificate online.
    (b) Online credit card payment capability, to result in processing of teaching certificate applications and issuance of teaching certificates within 48 to 72 hours for in-state applicants and within 3 weeks for out-of-state applicants who have provided a complete application, as determined by the department.
    (c) A central registry that documents each teacher's professional development activities and completion of state board continuing education units.
    (d) Improved compatibility with the registry of educational personnel data reporting system.
    (e) Improved efficiency of the teacher preparation institution web-based teacher certification recommendation process.
    (f) Improved capacity to generate reports about the number of certificates and endorsements issued.
    (g) Improved quality control through customization of the system.
    (2) The department shall fund the system required under subsection (1) from the fee increases in section 1538 that result from the amendatory act that added this section.

History: Add. 2007, Act 144, Imd. Eff. Nov. 19, 2007
Popular Name: Act 451