MCL - 368-1978-7-75

Act 368 of 1978
Part 75
Document Type Description
Section 333.7501 Section Arrest without warrant.
Section 333.7502 Section Powers of agents.
Section 333.7504 Section Administrative inspection warrants; issuance; execution; oath or affirmation showing probable cause; seizure of property; existence of probable cause; affidavit; contents of warrant.
Section 333.7505 Section Contents, execution, and return of warrant; copy of warrant and receipt for property seized; inventory of property taken; delivering copy of inventory; filing warrant with copy of return and papers returnable.
Section 333.7507 Section Administrative inspections of controlled premises.
Section 333.7511 Section Restraining or enjoining violation; trial by jury.
Section 333.7515 Section Cooperation with federal and other state agencies; relying and acting upon results, information, and evidence.
Section 333.7516 Section Name or identity of patient, research, or individual.
Section 333.7521 Section Property subject to forfeiture; burden of proof; "imitation controlled substance" defined.
Section 333.7521a Section Civil asset forfeiture; conditions, requirements, and limitations; applicability.
Section 333.7522 Section Property subject to forfeiture; seizure; process; seizure without process.
Section 333.7523 Section Seizure under MCL 333.7522; forfeiture proceedings; procedure; property subject to section or to order and judgment of court; powers of seizing agency; determining title to forfeited real property; forfeiture of real property encumbered by bona fide security interest; examination of money.
Section 333.7523a Section Stay of civil forfeiture during pending criminal proceedings; forfeiture hearing; burden of proof; return of property; applicability.
Section 333.7524 Section Disposition of forfeited property; donation of lights and scales for educational purposes; appointment, compensation, and authority of receiver to dispose of forfeited real property; expenses of forfeiture proceedings; court order.
Section 333.7524a Section Repealed. 2015, Act 148, Eff. Feb. 1, 2016.
Section 333.7524b Section Report by agency of seizure and forfeiture activities under uniform forfeiture reporting act.
Section 333.7525 Section Controlled substance as contraband; seizure and summary forfeiture; seizure and forfeiture of species of plants.
Section 333.7527 Section Destruction of controlled substance seized as evidence.
Section 333.7531 Section Burden of proof of exemption or exception; presumption as to license or order form; burden of rebutting presumption; liability not imposed for lawful performance of duties.
Section 333.7533 Section Judicial review.
Section 333.7541 Section Educational programs; powers of administrator.
Section 333.7543 Section Research and enforcement; duties of administrator.
Section 333.7544 Section Authorization to withhold names and other identifying characteristics of individuals who are subjects of research; authorization of persons engaged in research to possess and distribute controlled substances; exemption from prosecution.
Section 333.7545 Section Contracts for educational and research activities.