MCL - 368-1978-15-180

Act 368 of 1978
Part 180
Document Type Description
Section 333.18001 Section Definitions; principles of construction.
Section 333.18008 Section Physician's assistant; health profession subfield.
Section 333.18011 Section Practice of podiatric medicine and surgery or as physician's assistant; license or authorization required; use of words, titles, or letters.
Section 333.18012 Section Postgraduate podiatric study; full or limited license required; requirements of limited license; responsibility for training; limited license renewable.
Section 333.18021 Section Michigan board of podiatric medicine and surgery; creation; membership; terms.
Section 333.18031 Section Condition for more than limited licensure.
Section 333.18033 Section Renewal of license; evidence required; completion of hours or courses in pain and symptom management as continuing education; rules.
Section 333.18047 Section Practice as physician's assistant; practice agreement; requirements.
Section 333.18048 Section Prohibiting or restricting delegation of medical care service; requiring higher levels of supervision.
Section 333.18049 Section Practice agreement; designation of podiatrist; countersigning order or signing official form not required.
Section 333.18050 Section Prohibiting podiatrist or physician's assistant from entering practice agreement; grounds; rules concerning prescribing of drugs.
Section 333.18051 Section Physician's assistant; making calls or going on rounds; prescribing drug; ordering, receiving, and dispensing complimentary starter dose drugs.
Section 333.18054 Section Approval of physician's assistants and valuation of training programs; criteria.
Section 333.18056 Section Applicability of part to student in training.
Section 333.18058 Section Third party reimbursement or worker's compensation benefits not required.