MCL - 368-1978-15-173

Act 368 of 1978
Part 173

Document Type Description
Section 333.17301 Section Definitions; principles of construction.
Section 333.17303 Section Representation as nursing home administrator.
Section 333.17305 Section Board of nursing home administrators; creation; membership; terms.
Section 333.17307 Section Operation of nursing home; practice of nursing home administrator.
Section 333.17309 Section License; issuance; requirements.
Section 333.17311 Section Insufficient courses or training sessions; approval of course.
Section 333.17313 Section License renewal; continuing education required.
Section 333.17315 Section Nursing home administrator of Christian Science nursing home; limited license.
Section 333.17317 Section Out-of-state license; requirements.
Section 333.17319 Section Individual licensed under former article 19 of occupational code; members of nursing home administrators' board created under former section 1902 of occupational code; rules.